Bases lost on Official servers after Update

Yeah unfortunately on the forums here you’ll find a lot more people who will say “tough ■■■■, you broke the rules you live with it” then people who will be sympathetic to your cause.

I believe the thread automatically closes 14 days after the last answer.
If there is a way to actively trigger it, I am unaware of it.

Sorry for your bad experience on this forum. I actually had to take a short break from the forum myself for a more positive experience of my free time. I remember that before creating an account to participate in those threads, I had read the forums for months when looking for information, without wanting to join, because most of the answers in the threads felt belligerent in their phrasing. It can be overwhelming, even when you just read.

Either way, good luck on your side, while playing or with the community, hoping you get to peacefully exchange about the game you like next time.


No I’m going to have to argue that. As much as I carry on about the ToC, a good part of it is very vague, and that is part of the problem. There are people that fully believe if they can’t build some where the game will tell them they can’t. We know that isn’t true. Others think they will get a warning; like with thralls, if they have used too many foundations.

The fact is the majority of people never read the ToC, the just click agree then go off when they get a suspension. But it would help if the ToC was written more clearly leaving less up the the builder to make judgment calls on.


Oh I will argue this point, one I bring up regular seems to vanish from my posts, the other is the “when” part.
My experience only 1 in 5 reports get investigated, the other 4 are " we so busy, sorry, hope issue solved self". Please tell me how some massive build that is multiple ToC violations is going to solve it’s self? Is funcom hoping the person may quit playing and Hogwarts decays?

How many King Kappas, are in game? 1 and it is fine to block his spawn. If you can block his spawn what’s wrong with blocking any spawns?

I hate seeing people build over prime gathering spots, but is it actually a ToC violation? Oh I will curse about it but not report it; like funcom would actually check.

The ToC and it’s enforcement is the hot topic here. Like the legacy bugs, an issue that remains unresolved.

Not sure what world you live in but in mine you break the rules you deal with the consequences. You do the crime you do the time.
I know it’s hard to find the line with the ToC because of the vagueness of the rules. But I can go on my server right now and get screen caps of bases that practically match the examples given of how not to build. Hell there is one next to my base that is 3 different ToC violations, and can not get funcom to investigate. Took me 28 screen caps to get it all.

This is why I gave up on zendesk and the ToC. Enforcement seems pretty hap hazard, at best. That is why some of us would pay a bit to be on an actively moderated official server.

You can flag it to be close. But I do apologize to the OP, they posted this opening a can of worms that turned out to be snakes. But this is a hot topic that has a lot of people on edge mostly because funcom remains mute.

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You can tag community to ask.

You get a small sampling of the community on the forums. Just know I haven’t drank the koolaid.

Funcom implemented the ToC after complaints about Official servers became too much to bear. The examples in the land claim post were a reality. So there is a need for enforcement. But not as they’ve done for 3 years.

The ToC and gaming of Zendesk has been and continues to be a tragedy.

Funcom has admitted 2 things: they do not visit the server and they’ve been lax in providing better communication.

This discussion has always been controversial. There are some like gr8scots who believe that Funcom properly doles out justice. I know that is not always the truth.

So like I said, there’s no magic way to ensure you’re doing everything correctly. Just do your best to follow the ToC.



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Funcom has stated that blocking boss spawns is ok.

I really don’t feel like another 200 reply back and forth on the ToC.

If someone has a big base that bothers you or takes up real estate, build elsewhere away from them. Think they are selfish for taking up that slot ir that much space? Why? Did you want to build there or build right beside them? Seems selfish on the new guy to want what they can’t have. Their solution? Report report report.

It goes both ways, people don’t really need 10 grids for a base but on the other side of the coin, you don’t need to build right on top of someone whose been playing on the server longer then you

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They also say you can’t block unique spawns so which is it? That is the issue, they make a rule, then don’t enforce it, or make conflicting statements.


Na, troll all you want not biting today.

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We agree. And the issue on top of that is that each player interprets the rules differently due to the vagueness…and that leads to more issues.

Not everyone that talks on the forums trolls, I have no idea why you are so scared of that idea. I summarized up alot of our past discussions in that last paragraph. Its really what it all boils down to.

Yup, you trolling for an argument. Not sure if you realize that is what you are doing or not. I’m argumentative by nature, but even I know when I’m not going to get anywhere with that wall.

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That’s true, but incomplete. According to their own words, they don’t log into the server to investigate, but they do get the copy of the database and “visit” that copy.

I agree that’s not enough for certain kinds of infractions – like hacking, for example – but it’s quite enough for building-related rules.

The problem with those particular rules isn’t the due diligence, it’s that no one is sure what they mean anymore, given a number of cases we’ve seen where not even the staunchest supporters of the rules could find anything concrete in the rules and had to resort to arguments that boil down to “well it goes against my personal preferences”. :man_shrugging:

You missed another one:

The gist is that if you’ve built something big that has no other purpose than to look good and show off your building skills, then Funcom could decide you’re using the land claim in a way that needlessly takes up space other players could come and claim.

Is that a good rule to have? That’s debatable. Is Funcom doing a good job of enforcing it transparently and consistently? Hell no.

I do. I’ve played on many different official servers, and I haven’t seen a single one without some asshat building some huge theme park that makes the whole server worse, either by screwіng up the performance or by blocking important stuff.

I’m not saying that was you and your buddies. I’m saying that some people get tired of that shіt and adopt an extreme attitude.

Why brimstone? You can also get brimstone in many other places and ways, can’t you? Oh, that’s right, because brimstone is important to you. :roll_eyes:

See that, @Brainalyzer? This is why some people get “arrogant” about these things, because there are always those who want to make excuses according to their own whims.

There’s literally no “help” to be had. The enforcement of the rules is inconsistent and opaque, and we’ve been yelling at Funcom for years that they’re doing a shіt job and they’re improving.

The ToC was supposed to help players. Instead, it’s a risk everyone has to accept and learn to deal with. Anyone who doesn’t is gonna end up having a bad time.

The easiest would be to put it on ignore and let it play itself out. Sooner or later, it’ll get closed, either due to inactivity or due to people being shіtty to each other and mods stepping in to close it.

Ironically, most of us who kept pestering them to put up some rules were not asking for any of this shіt. What I personally wanted out of it was the ability to deal with trolls and griefers who liked to wall in other players’ bases, wall off new players’ spawn points, and block entrances to dungeons and important spots.

Instead, they came up with a bunch of rules they failed to enforce consistently or in a timely manner, then made the dumpster fire even worse by changing their minds about whether you’re allowed to block things like world bosses.


That’s fine, interpret it all you like, you’re wrong. It was not meant to start anything, it’s the summarized version of what’s been discussed in the past

Blocking the brimstone lake has been something PvPers have wanted proper action on for as many years as it’s been in the game. Yes there are other ways to get brimstone.

Does that mean your stance is that as long as there is another way to get a resource that blocking it somewhere else doesn’t matter? Cool beans, that’s every resource in the game. And by that, there should be no rule on it then.

I guess my perspective on it comes from the PvP side since that’s all I’ve played. I understand my opinions will be different than those of PvE players, but that also doesn’t automatically dismiss what I say. Just like how predominantly PvE players don’t get dismissed when talking about PvE.

Guess I’ll have to call everyone arrogant that has their own opinions. Can’t see it ending well.

Thank you for the lengthy and informative reply. I genuinely do appreciate it. There are clearly a lot more aspects to this than I thought. I’ve been playing for years, since just the desert existed, and still wasn’t aware of how contentious this can be.

Sorry again my post caused a stir and if I was also hostile. Good luck everyone


No, it means that your judgment of Funcom’s “pathetic excuses” is based on your own preferences and biases just as much as @DeaconElie’s interpretation of rules is mostly based on his own pet peeves and biases.

It means that you’re just one more in a long list of people pretending that their own interpretation of the rules is the right one and that Funcom is doing a bad job because they’re not listening to you.

Honestly, I would be perfectly fine with that if it enabled them to do a good job with other aspects of server moderation, such as outright griefing (e.g. walling people in or walling off certain areas), cheating, and hacking.

What I’m against is the current dumpster fire where no one knows what you should or shouldn’t do.

I borrowed the word “arrogant” from the person who I was addressing, i.e. the person who used it in the first place. If you paid enough attention to the conversations you participate in, maybe they could end better.

Don’t blame you. I also started playing around that same time, but the only difference is that I’ve been on the forums for much longer, so I’ve seen the sordid history of this topic unfold in all its ugliness.

For whatever it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry about. It’s an ugly topic, but that’s in no way your fault; the blame lies with Funcom.


That is actually simple. Don’t be a dick to other players. If you question if you are being a dick, then perhaps you need to reconsider your base design. If you know you are being a dick but feel that you are entitled to be so, you are forcing enforcement on you.

There are innocent people being enforced on but even then, self reflection is needed to understand why FC agreed with the reporter.

It was @Taemien that made me realize that officials are just like private servers in that there are rules to be followed and if you don’t like the rules or the enforcement, then you can always play private.

As far as the TOS and officials being managed, I will that I lean towards a Churchill approach in it with his quote (alleged since there is controversy there on if its original or not) on democracy

“Democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”

I don’t see how officials can be managed any other way with the limitations we understand as set in stone (time and resources not available for full time moderation)

Ask PvPers from all the years Conan has been out. If they could pick one spot to either be a no build zone or to have repercussions for blocking the vast majority will be one answer.


Well they have a team, it may not be very large (probably about half a dozen), but it exists. That team could easily handle as many servers. A PVE, PVE-C, and PVP server in each region (with maybe the more populated regions having two or three) would see a marked improvement in moderation over 700+ servers.

Over 700 servers. If they started answering tickets today, and answered them in order, how long do you think it would take before a second ticket from a single server could get answered? Assuming of course the second ticket was the say… 701st ticket. That’s just assuming 1 ticket per day per server.

Granted I doubt every server has an active ticket. But 700 tickets in a day isn’t unreasonable considering the 1500-2000 peak (there’s usually 4-5x more active throughout a 24 hour cycle, since not everyone logs in at the same time or for the same amount of time, or every day) players these servers see.

The issue is volume which doesn’t allow them to condense it to manageable levels. But if the players prefer a playable space over guaranteed space, then they should consider only offering a number of servers they can actively manage.

I don’t know of any other survival games with servers they can’t moderate. Empyrion for example has about 15% of the population Conan Exiles does, yet only has 2 (+1 test server) servers that they run themselves. If Funcom went by the same ratio, they would only have ~20 PC servers. Something their team could easily moderate.

Not everyone would have a spot. But I’ve never heard of complaints about Empyrion Official servers.

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I don’t think the game’s feel would be right with only 20 servers (~7 per game mode) . If they were to limit it to this, then they would have to drastically change the decay timers to reduce the timer reset folks.

Yeah, I used to believe that, too. Thing is, “being a dick” is quite a subjective concept. Even so, it can work if the enforcement is transparent enough and consistent enough. Most importantly, it requires a certain degree of trust in those enforcing the rules.

I started questioning that belief when I saw some examples of people not being dicks and getting wiped, and plenty of examples of people being dicks and not getting wiped despite reports.

Funcom gradually eroded my trust in them, until I was forced to admit that @Kikigirl was right and I was wrong.

Some of us still remember when fence foundation stacking was explicitly said to be legal, only to be declared an exploit later, with both of those communications buried inside random threads you had to dig for, instead of being clearly communicated in a pinned thread.

So no, “don’t be a dick” isn’t a thing.

Oh, I’m not disputing that you should follow the rules or go somewhere else. That’s just pragmatism, and I agree completely. No, I’m talking about something else.

If I go on a private server and the rules are clear and I break them because I don’t like them and think I should be allowed to break them, then it’s clearly my fault. If I go on a private server and the rules aren’t clear and I break them, then it’s the admin’s fault. If I go on a private server and the rules are enforced inconsistently according to the admin’s whims, then it’s the admin’s fault. In all of those cases, the pragmatic solution is to move to a different server. But the cases are very different from each other.

The official servers are definitely not in the first category. And I’ve never been suspended or banned, so I’m not saying this because I’m butthurt. I’m saying it because I’ve seen enough to change my opinion.

In fact, it’s precisely @Taemien’s posts that demonstrate how ridiculously subjective “don’t be a dick” is when it comes to interpreting rules. I’m specifically referring to his ideas about how small your build should be, because that’s enough and you don’t need any more than that.

That’s not about being a dick, it’s about someone’s personal preferences.

When it comes to playing a video game, democracy can go screw itself. Socrates’ objections to democracy fit video games like a glove.

Nah, if I’m going to play a video game, I’m fine with ironclad dictatorship, as long as the rules are clear. Then I can make my own informed decision to buy or not buy, to stick around or fuсk off.

There are ways, but is it really productive to discuss them? We know Funcom won’t listen, so why bother?