Battle pass feedback

This isn’t the general feedback thread.
This is the Battle Pass feedback thread.

Reading someone complaining about people giving Battle Pass feedback in the Battle Pass Feedback thread is a particular amusement.

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I need more of Conan. If this is the way it has to be, so be it. I don’t mind. I’m expecting some great content there. The idea of chapters/ages sounds intriguing. My only regret is that it’s still months away.

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The magic about what people should and should not pay for is that each person assigns a value to something based on their own standards.

If one feels that others shouldn’t have to pay for things in a game - thats a great opinion to have. But at the end of the day thats that person’s opinion.

I’m glad to see conan continuing on and am very excited for 3.0 and what they are doing. If you don’t feel the need to buy anything out of the new shop… simply don’t. Its really that easy. For others that want to do that - awesome.

I’m a game dev. I work in the industry. They need to make money as well or else the things you enjoy simply cease to get any updates and they move on to something else. You can call that greed or shady marketing or whatever neat edgy words you want, but almost every game dev I know makes less than industry standard wages for a software developer and works double the normal hours of most industry standard developers - so this whole “greed” and “shady marketing” really doesn’t apply to the game developers - they certainly aren’t living on gold plated yachts laughing at their players.

They tend to love their players and their games with a great deal of passion. They also need to pay their mortgages and feed their families.


I completely agree with everything you just said in your previous post, it really is that easy, people might not think it’s “fair” that they can’t get access to all the shiny new cosmetics and vanity items for free but I think people do forget that there are real people behind the game that need to pay their bills and keep the lights on.


I don’t think you read what people’s problem with the monetization is. Nobody is saying they are unwilling to pay money for things, in fact, it looks like most people commenting here have bought the DLCs.

The problem is how they are trying to make money, using predatory tactics.

They could still make money, possibly even more in the long run, by not utilizing shady marketing. The limited-time exclusives style of business manipulates people for short-term gains, but devalues its content, alienates customers, and sacrifices its reputation in the long-term.


sounds abit like immortal thats it for me il take a look and propaly say bye even until patch i lost the fun now

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This exactly! The assets are consuming space on my hard drive regardless of whether I get them or not. The shop items are less bothersome because there are a fixed number that simply rotate in availability.

The battle pass on the other hand will continue to add bloat to the installation without giving me an opportunity to ever gain access to items that I miss, kind of like the Royal armor and Atlantian sword but on a much larger scale. On top of that, there may be items in a current age that don’t interest me while they’re available. However, some day down the line I might suddenly find a use for them, but now can’t get them.

Using the DLCs as an example, I didn’t have any interest in the Frontiers DLC. Much later after it was released, I won a DLC key and since it was the only one I didn’t have, I got it. I was surprised and pleased to find some of the building pieces were quite interesting and could help with my Yamatai build.


Nobody is talking about getting things for free. DLC s weren’t free either. The problem here is that I want Funcom to pay their bills and I want to purchase their products, but I am denied based on an artificial limitation that is completely affected by my real life. My choice of when and how to support Funcom is taken away from me. And why? Because I had to work or travel, not because I want things free.

There is nothing wrong with digital content being available at any time. Hell, I would welcome DLCs Whale Edition that offers 99%-100% of the same content of a standard edition but for $10-20 extra. I will pay for that edition every single time, because I can afford it, I want to support Funcom, I love Conan Exiles, and the choice is mine when to do that.

Additionally, I will not tolerate a software product that grows with a gigabyte or two every three months that I can never normally access. I can already tell you - I (and probably many others) will simply wait for the modders to unlock those gigabytes for me. And this is the only choice I have, because I was not allowed to pay for that data even if I wanted to. The expectation that people will buy this time-restricted BS is delusional, when it’s so easy to unlock for free. And again - it’s not because people didn’t want to pay, it’s because they were not allowed to due to personal real life circumstances.

Another potential major flaw of real-life time limitations lies in the abundance of the market. Conan Exiles is not the only game out there that would try to lure players with “buy now or be screwed forever”. In an year or so, a shinier one will be released, offering cooler time-limited stuff. Most that enjoy owning exclusive items will switch to that game, because it’s the new hot thing, likely never returning to Conan Exiles. While speculative and it may not be the case here, I’ve seen that happenning enough times already.


I hope this is not what it looks like: A good game becoming more of a mobile game so that shareholders get a bigger and more frequent return on their investment.

If y’all really think that the developers or players are most likely to be the main benefitors of this, you might want to spend less time in games and more in the real world.

Not telling anyone to be pessimistic here but more than a little sceptic could be smart.


Crom coins are account bound.
Single use items are character bound and are a novelty. There’s some confusion as what those are and can be, understandably so.
Just as a quick clarification, one time items can be of two kinds: Orbs/Potions that cast a spell once, and Illusion Scrolls (one time Illusions-transmogs).
These consumables are one-time use and character bound as their use is limited.
One-time spells are basically a way to show the content included in Sorcery for those who have not seen it yet. If you have learned that spell ingame, this is basically redundant. These orbs will always be free if/when offered because of that and being gameplay oriented.
Illusion Scrolls are one time transmogs, and similarly to the Orbs, if you already know the recipe for the item, this is kind of redundant. In a way, it’s kind of like having a friend that owns certain DLC to drop by your server, craft some DLC items and leave them in a box for you.

These consumable scrolls do not replace recipes, and are generally offered free. There are also chances to get them free through the Store every now and then.

The rest of items in the Battle Pass and Bazaar are account-bound. To give an idea, they kind of work like current DLC, as in they unlock Knowledge (Aka feats) your characters can use to craft those items.

Another clarification as well regarding Battle Pass and progression:

  • You can still progress the BP if you have not purchased the paid track.
  • Progress is achieved at the same speed regardless of having purchased it or not (done via challenges in game).
  • In the hypothetical of having reached level60 in the BattlePass without owning it, and purchasing it after that, it will still grant you all the rewards.

So let’s break this down into 2 parts.

Firstly, whether or not this is a greed-driven move will stem entirely from whether or not you will lose access to the items within the pass should you fail to complete it before the next one rolls out. If you can simply continue to make progress at your own pace and eventually own everything you paid for regardless of what pace you perform the content at, sure, it’s fine, no greed complaints there. However, if it operates as most battlepasses do where content (and subsequently your money) is simply lost if you don’t feel like playing the game that much (or paying an extremely ridiculous pricetag to buy out the levels), then yes, that’s 100% pure greed driven because there is no motive to make battlepasses like that EXCEPT for the purpose of leveraging scummy business practices that manipulate psychological factors like FOMO into making people feel forced to buy rather than letting the quality of the content merit the pricetag on it’s own.

Which brings us into issue #2, survival games really aren’t the type that a battlepass works in. Battlepasses exist in many BRs and other live service games because they are easily accessible and offer a symmetrical gameplay experience for all players, meaning every player has the exact same capabilities once they start a session regardless of any prior playtime or investment, that’s obviously not true at all in a context where groups exist with days, weeks, months, or even years of stockpiled materials to throw at doing these challenges in a matter of minutes while for a fresh player this would suddenly become a multi-hour ordeal depending on the challenge and how much setup it requires.

This also expands further when we open up the question of whether challenges can be completed on official, singleplayer, or private servers and whether or not you can qualify for them if cheats (like the in-game kind, not 3rd party kind) have been used. If you can only complete challenges on officials then it’s literally just a kick in the teeth to anyone who doesn’t play officials. If you can do it on singleplayer and private worlds then presumably that means cheating would have to be allowed due to the nature of mods unless they’re also now going to ban that element of the game from anyone who wants to get this battlepass content. And if you CAN cheat, then it completely and utterly invalidates the entire idea of forcing players to do these challenges to begin with since you’ve now just turned the game into a tedious daily checklist of opening, completing whatever random garbage, and closing it again all just to get the content you already paid for.

There really is no benefit whatsoever to doing a battlepass like this as opposed to the same old DLCs they’ve been doing now. Nobody who wants the stuff in them is going to suddenly love the game and play it all the time if they weren’t already, it’s just going to be irrelevant to the people who don’t care enough, a tedious burnout machine for the ones who do like it but aren’t hardcore nolifers of the game, and the ones who ARE nolifers likely would’ve just purchased a regular DLC anyway, making the entire thing irrelevant to them.

So yes, while it’s not greedy for them to ask for money to continue development, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for them to take completely unnecessary and poorly thought out actions to meet that goal, driven by no real greater design intent or foreseeable goal than greed. We’ll see how bad it is, but the fact that they did this at all is not a great sign of their intents or their foresight.


For issue 1, yep, that is exactly what they are doing. FOMO + Greed is the new goal.

For issue 2, they said the challenges can be done in all game types, so SinglePlayer / Private server teleporting to the challenge objective will be the quickest way to grind them. Changing server settings to make you OP will let you cheese the kills fast.

Wouldn’t surprise me if someone comes up with a mod to turn a small section of the map into a Challenge farm zone, where all the regular challenges have their content right next to each other so you can grind it out in a fraction of time if you want/need to.

You know, I would probably subscribe to that mod as a just in case tool if I couldn’t play enough to complete a battle pass.

Edit: Also, the benefit to Funcom changing to this form of Monetization, is they can go from earning $10 for a DLC pack, to somewhere between $50-$200 for the same amount of stuff.


Thank you for listing just some of the reasons a battle pass is an awful system to add to this game. There’s plenty more reasons why a system like this is just not good, in not just this game, but in all games in general. I should be able to game on my time and not have to worry about “missing” out on items, especially when I play on a private server I pay for monthly. Nor should I have to worry about grinding for a month, just to unlock a new window or wall piece, if this content is added “for free”, I should be able to access it as soon as my character is capable of using it. A time gated Battle Pass is just an awful mechanic that forces me to either grind a specified amount of time, or pay money…for “free” content. And while the idea of “Ages” sounds good on paper, again playing on a private server, I should have full control over what content I can access on a server I pay to use. I have already missed out on content due to the limited time nature of that summoning event as I often take week/months long breaks. And having paid for the game and the multiple DLCs released for it, I should not be penalized by missing out on content, just because I take some time off, especially when…again…I play on a privately run and funded server.

Battle Passes and time limited events and items should have no place in the land of Exiles.


It can be considerably more if they release any paid for consumables. It’s a well know fact that most cash shop games will have a very small amount of the player base buying the majority of the items from a shop. I sincerely doubt Funcom would pass up the opportunity to go Whale hunting with their new cash shop “feature”.


Immortal !

I want to be constructive and give feedback. I know the steam forums aren’t monitored, but honestly… I think it has to be stated that the battlepass is pretty much an out-of-touch solution for a problem some folks had. More over, that the cost of the DLC is so high. 10 dollars a pop with multiple of them is what the overall issue is, with sales on them being few and far in between. We’re at a point where Conan’s endgame is pretty much… fashion and building. So of course people want the new building sets, and the new armors because of the simple fact it gives us more to play with.

I understand the desire to lock this behind a battle pass. It’s alluring from the standpoint of a marketing department—a lot of games have success with this when it makes sense, where a game focuses solely upon it as its method of “reward” system. Fortnite does well with it because of its popularity and the fact that skins are basically its method of progression. A lot of Battle Royal games do this.

…But never have I seen this in a Survival game. Probably because it doesn’t wholly make sense? The draw of the packs was to be able to have variety in the game, and making it more of a time restrained… thing makes it hard to see this as a good move. When we could just buy a pack we wanted for 10 dollars it made sense, because once you put that money down you just had the content. Now that there’s going to be an in game cash shop, it’s… microtransactions without saying it outright. Sure, you earn things via the battlepass but the idea of the battlepass is typically a time limit… which doesn’t work for the slow burn style game that is Conan.

More or less it’s a bad move in my opinion. And likely that of many others from feedback I’ve gotten from friends (Just popping on to any private server and asking an opinion on it will give you how people feel), and it makes it feel as if the devs are out of touch and listening a little too much to the desires of the marketing team.

Once it starts to become a subscription/service and less of just a game to play, it stops being at what it’s core it once was: a server-base multiplayer survival where you choose what to do (What will you do, exile?) and more of a push for doing achievements to get the cookies.

It doesn’t feel right for this game. I hope that it’s re-thought. And I hope that all constructive feedback on this is actually looked at and not glossed over. We do know what we want in this game we’ve been playing since 2016, and we do know what we like about it and what has kept us playing.


It is still 100% a server-based multiplayer survival game where you choose what to do, for examples you can CHOOSE to engage with the battlepass and store, or you can CHOOSE to not engage with the battlepass and the store and you still get 3.0 for free, all anyone is losing out on is cosmetic/vanity items, that’s all.


If I can still buy the packs of content for 9 bucks a piece then it’s fine. If I can’t, and it’s all locked behind a time sensitive battlepass it’s not.


Battle Pass is the reason i stopped immortal and now my favourite game get it after all the time over 3k im gonna leave, i dont want to have locked stuff behind a paywall, and also i dont want to be forced to play and be commanded what to play to get the fancy stuff i like so thats it for me
also the thrall nerf will hit hard i suppose yo you just took best aspects of the game ( sandbox and Thrall s )
and ruined it…for thats not enough you implement a ingame shop too today is a sad day :frowning:

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How do i view the battle pass?