Battle pass feedback

I’d like to see that too.

From Timestamp 14:30 - 19:04 they only show the first 2 pages, so levels 1- 12.

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He probably meant viewing every challenge within a chapter, at least the first chapter.

That dog skin is really cool.

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He said battle pass, but here you go the Challenges are shown at timestamp 19:56 - 24:00.

so did the 3.0 update even get released? I’m so confused…

It releases sometime in Q3 2022.

So this was another announcement lol


It was shown at the end of the Trailer.

I have over 6000 hours in the game, but there has still been multiple times where I haven’t played for longer than 3 months.
People may take breaks due to multiple reasons, they will miss out.
There will be new players coming into the game, they will miss out.

When these people see a pleathora of things that they can no longer acquire from old battlepasses, they will be discouraged from sticking around.

This screws over people like new parents, people who might have military duty, who might travel for extended amount of time and really anyone who might not play a video game for an extended time.

“Who cares it’s just skins, nothing that affects the game.” is something people might say, but the person who pays for the battle pass is the person who cares about these skins in the first place, why alienate them?

There are ways to make battle passes available without making ‘ages’ irrelevant.

  1. Make battle passes available to be purchased any time, but give the bonus experience only when they are the active one.
    This way, people who miss out on a pass can still get and grind them later on. People who join or return to the game after a break can spend their money on not only the current pass, but the previous ones as well and they will be incentivised to play more.

  2. Make battle pass items available to be purchased from the bazaar after the pass is no longer active.
    This way, people who miss out on a pass can still get the items from the bazaar rotation. Taking part in the battlepass while it’s active is still advantegous as it’ll be a better deal price wise and one doesn’t have to wait for the bazaar rotation to favour them, but a new player or a player who rejoins the game after a break can still spend money to get that great looking helmet from 3 seasons ago.


They have already answered this and the answer is, “no.”

They may reskin items and offer them in the store, but Battle Pass items are represented to be limited time claimable items, similar to the Winter Event Twitch drops.

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This is not a question it’s a suggestion.


They answered that they might change it if feedback regarding this matter was substantial.
Reskinned items only included pre-order bonuses and twitch drops.


This is standard MMO cash store “LiMiTeD tImE OnLy!” marketing. Sadly it works, so it’s unlikely they will change course.
But also, I’ve experienced in the past that they will eventually bring them back again for “LiMiTeD tImE OnLy!” again.
It’s limited time only…but definitely not “one time only” because why spend money designing something new when you can just dust off an old item and sell it again “LiMiTeD tImE OnLy!”.
It’s kinda like that furniture store in your town that has “going out of business sales” every month.

Yeah, I think they actually said something like “we were suggested to do it this way but we will be considering feedback on this point” - something like that.

I think it should be early access to the items when they are in the BP at one price (and some for free - as planned), and then in 90 days they move to the store at a slightly higher price and the freebees become $1 items, $5 bundles, or something. They sit in the store for another 90 days and then FC runs a 50% off sale for 3 days or something. And then also maybe every Christmas (or lore/culture related holiday) all the items that were once free are free again for a week.

That’s what I would I do anyway…

I agree with Drachen, having the option to buy and work through a old battle pass that for some reason i had missed would be nice


I hope they decide not to…
Let the loyal player that plays the game for years feel like he/shes been through much

However… allow players that bought the battle pass to complete it later on.
So if someone doesn’t play but bought the pass this player should be able to still unlock the contents even years after.

This will keep things more interesting, I don’t like re-released content in any game, it ruins the value and effort someone had put into to zero.

I don’t care about greet, I care about respect. And to respect is to value someone that has been loyal.


So every DLC upto the point of 3.0 should not be available to anyone anymore that hasn’t got it already?

Ppl aren’t asking to re-release the BP, what there saying is much like how the current DLC will be available in the store to purchase keep the old BP available there aswell to allow ppl to purchase them if they so choose because for whatever reason they missed it.

Putting development time into armour/weapon/building pieces just to have them disappear with a “uh you missed it” and have zero way for them to be attainable afterwards is beyond ludicrous, i personally wouldn’t have have been able to buy any the current DLC if it had been time gated as proposed with the BP system, as is i own every piece on both Xbox and P4.

As it stands i’ll probably buy the BP on say Xbox but i wont on PlayStation but if i could login to PlayStation days/weeks/months even a year after that BP had been live and buy say a cut down version with build/weapon/armour pieces and work through it then i would.

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I don’t recall them mentioning changing the way they sell DLC that are currently there
I believe they will be available forever

The DLC were displayed in the Bazaar, so im guessing they will be available for crom coins when the update goes live.

Edit: It was recall bundle Imperial East, (Khitan i believe), so nothing stopping them doing something similar in the future with BP, something like recall BP but a cut down version