Battle pass feedback

Simple solution - don’t add pointless BP and release more DLC per year


I mean that’s a surefire way to make absolutely sure that I (and I’m sure plenty of others like me) go from purchasing every DLC (except Riddle of Steel, kinda lame) to purchasing absolutely nothing because I’m not going to force myself to play a survival game and do arbitrary challenges for stuff I already paid for.


I’ve played this game since day one of early access and I bought every single DLC, but now I am suddenly not loyal because I was sick or had a business trip and could not login within 90 days? This is way more disrespectful than offering me the chance to buy at a time of my choosing content for which you chopped down a few trees.


From what I saw in the stream, Battlepass items can either be earned for free from 3ish hours of normal play a week or purchased.

Yes, that’s true in any battlepass, but the cost to purchase out a pass instead of playing it is always EXTREMELY far beyond the value of the content.

This one’s preference is that Battle Pass items go to the cash shop.
But not immediately, and not at the same cost that the Paid Pass would be.
All Age 1 items appearing in the Cash Shop when Age 2 ends for example.
This gives those who earned them in game a period of exclusivity while also allowing those who arrive to the game later to spend their money on what should be the distinct and specific items in the “Ages”.
Furthermore, perhaps half again the cost of the paid pass to just purchase them in batch after the season has passed.

Those who participate at the time are rewarded with both earlier access and lower cost.
Funcom gets to generate more money from an already existing asset.
Players who have catastrophes in life or arrive to the game late are still able to give Funcom money for hats.

Important to note, each Age has multiple Chapters. Each Chapter has it’s own Battle Pass.

No exceptions sorry…
The same can happen to me, still don’t want it to be re-released content.

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As a collector of many collectables, re-releasing items will make things worthless for a collector.

Would be less likely buying a battle pass if I know they re-release it later on (there wouldn’t be that feeling of missing out at all), what’s the point of having it a little early? This doesn’t sound like supporting a live service.

I hope I made myself a little bit understandable, its hard to explain for me in English.


Fair point and I forgot that aspect. Still think it makes more fiscal sense to put these out there at a later date and the battle pass is more about cost savings that online support but you are right…it’s is online support to a game you love regardless of if you complete or not.

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Until I see the cost, I will have to deem such a conclusion as premature.


It seems crystal clear to me that the amount of content we would see in a typical $10 DLC will now be spread throughout the Battle Pass and the Item Shop, and likely cost over $50 to get it all, because it will be piecemeal at $1+ per item. If all you wanted from a full DLC was one single sword skin, you win! If you want most/all, you lose big time!


im not really for the idea of Battle Passes. But if the battlepass is purely comestic, i dont mind it at all. Now what im afraid of is if they are completely doing away with DLC. Man that would be a bummer for sure. Im happy with paying 10 bucks for Culture packs. Today i said to myself if they made a second part to " Imperial East" i would buy it right away. If they made a 3rd , 4th, 5th etc i would buy it quickly as well. I hope the battle pass isnt a substitute for dlc. i wouldnt stop playing Conan Exiles because of it , but i know personally i wouldnt bother with battle pass only items. But thats just me. My brother on the other hand loves the fortnite battle pass thing and he loves when he meets the requirements and gets the skins and characters for his hard work. i just hope they remember people like me is all. im not angry at Funcom in anyway, just concerned.

I don’t think the tactics are predatory AT ALL - that’s a bunch of nonsense! But at the same time I do think BP items should be made available on the store after the BP expires.


Gratitude for the clarification.

How is it determined which character on an account would get the consumable?
Is it the character who is active when the threshold is reached or is it redeemed deliberately at a time of the player’s choosing?

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The Battle Pass and Bazaar stores can only be accessed ingame (from a tab in the same window as feats, attributes, etc).
So the one time use items would be sent to the character you’re accessing the Battle Pass/Bazaar from and claiming those items with.


5k hours in game. Made an account to get stuck into 3.0 discussions.

As a server admin the battlepass is actually kinda exciting, because I’m hoping it’ll get players out in the world where they can encounter each other and find conflict or RP.

As a player - well, we all know that these sorts of monetisation are never done because they’re what the players want. Players don’t choose this, corporate decisionmakers do.

I think the pain point for me is that the previous business model was very honest and very ethical. Here’s some DLC, if you want it then hand over £9 and it’s yours, that’s the end of it. No FOMO, no psychological tricks, nothing shady. Just an honest exchange of money for (virtual) goods. I know some people complained about the price of the DLCs but I’ve dabbled in 3D art, I know how much work it is to make assets like that. The prices were fine and I bought all of them a long time ago. I don’t feel that I was ripped off.

The battle pass doesn’t look too bad, but the overton window on what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of microtransactions has shifted a lot in the last few years and it would likely have been unacceptable at the time of the game’s release. Coming out with it in the wake of Diablo Immortal means it’s pretty hard for Funcom to look greedy though. I just want it to be an honest exchange with none of the shady manipulative sales tactics that are so common in the industry now.

Something I’d be interested in hearing - if the battle pass does well enough, would Funcom consider opening up the Isle of Siptah to all players? It’s pretty much an unspoken rule currently among RP players that a server can’t be successful if it runs on Isle of Siptah because the DLC paywall excludes too many players for it to ever gain a sustainable population. That’s a shame because it’s a really cool map that a lot of players have never seen. The Siptah DLC could still be required for Stormglass and whatever else.

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Choice is exactly what is being taken away here. How can I choose to buy the armor set from a BP that is no longer available? I cannot. And I did not miss out on it because I resisted FOMO or whatever - I was simply busy with my real job and life. How stupid of me. What a loser.

Returning to Conan Exiles 6, 7, 8,… months later and buying all or some or none of the newly released DLCs - that’s choice.

And the argument “it’s just cosmetics” doesn’t stand - that’s all they sell.


As long as the battle pass does not have an expiry date like they did on Halo I would be more than happy to buy them and play them at my own pace.

PLEASE respect your playerbase time. I cannot grind every freaking time restricted battle pass on the games that I play, therefore I completely dropped any games that use that mechanic, if it’s time restricted I don’t touch it. Respect my time and I will be more than glad to buy them.


How it will work with second account on PlayStation? At the moment I owned all dlc and I am able to use them in the second account too. I done that while I had a server and don’t want to use my account for admin work. So I created a new one and buy Conan on disc a second time…
After this I saw that I don’t need the second game and also it even dont work with digital copy on one and disc on the other account.

So I played both from the disc and I saw that all owned dlc where also available at my second account. Will it be the same? One bp for all accounts on one PlayStation? When I buy new building peaces will it work for all accounts?

Do I pay via psn?

Okay I’ll say it to be with the positive-sided folks here:

I think the battlepass and shop are fine. I would only tweak one thing:

Bring the items from the pass back into the shop rotation after some time.

Otherwise they really seemed like they made the pass as fair as possible. You need 2 play sessions a week of 1 hour each to complete the challenges in time (other games afford much more effort to complete the battle pass) and do what you normally would. That’s super fair and you can even miss out on 4 days of playing since the challenges will be stacked. If you cant complete something because you’re not able to do that challenge you can just reroll up to 3 times a day.

I rather have the choice to buy a battle pass containing only cosmetics instead of being forced to buy major updates like 3.0 as an DLC.