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Why is the summer edition chocolate limited? They have 50 sorts of chocolate since 30 years but that special new one is limited in resource? Oh come on. They could produce it for the same amount of time they procude all the other sorts but they dont because of marketing and sales reasons. Artificial scarcity is used in so many fields with physical products and offers. And not because there are not enough resources to keep on offering those products.


Digital goods be like:
Ctrl+C Ctrl+V


I have never claimed that it does not exist. But one can find a natural and logical reason for it. You are missing the point here. I wanted to make people understand why limitation as a concept exists in our universe at all.

Oh holy aloe soup, this is about special offers and why they are limited.

Ok, here is a quick and informative answer:

Because you want to offer the end user something special and only at a special time.

Counter-question: Do you like to eat the same thing every day, year after year, or do you prefer variety?

Regarding the cost for the Battle Pass and the incentivizing of participation.
It was mentioned that the Battle Pass could be completed within a modest number of hours across three months.
Some of the samples task look pretty banal.
Tasks one probably would not really do for fun, but rather as part of the commodity (in this case, our time) that we commit to acquire them.
We will already be paying for some of these items. The full cost of the Pass will be whatever the monetary cost of the pass is + the time to complete all of those otherwise undesirable tasks.

This one does not know about anyone else, but when this one’s time is being commoditized, that time is worth enough hourly that it could purchase multiples of the dlc bundles currently available.

Now some tasks may not be drudgery or may be things one was going to do anyway. This one has only seen the sample they put up. The high value task looked interesting. The rest… well… less likely a thing this one would do regardless, and thus it is a barter of this one’s time + this one’s coin for whatever is in the Pass.

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This one prefers to choose when and what they will eat.

You claim it is the same thing every day…
And yet with the time limited scheme, that’s the entire scam. It is a limited default menu with only the occasional variance.
The available menu day after day does not change, only what the daily special is.
In the case of a restaurant or grocer real world concerns like seasonal availability of produce or other real concerns such as storage of perishables.

In this case, it is an artificial and deliberate choice to make an item only a daily special rather than add it to the full menu.

Do you want gruel every day, or Steak on this one Tuesday?
This one wants Steak added to the menu.
This one wants Steak on Thursday and Sunday and as an available impulse purchase, and this one knows the fridge is full of beef.

Additional edit:
This one knows that artificial scarcity has been a marketing tactic since the bronze age.
It has been cheap and duplicitous for the entire span.

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I think you’re actually missing the point here.

This is not the reason why limited quantities exist. That chocolate i talked about does not only exist for 3 months because they could not produce more. The limited jordans do not exist because nike couldnt produce more. This limitations are just as man-made as digital limitations. It is the EXACT same marketing strategy they follow.


So that people can feel special aka superior. I can see where this is going.

Instead of everyone being able to buy the same things at any time, so that you have a feeling of equality.

No, I want to be able to eat what I want at any time, because that is variety and freedom. Time limited products have no lasting effect on variety. If they would stay forever then yes, but they disappear again.

So you want to tell me that the limit of petroleum on the planet is man made or sticking with your chocolate the limit of cocoa beans or milk is man made and there are actually infinite of them. So there is actually also infinite cultivation area for the plants and grazing area for the cows because everything is made up by people. Maybe the next thing you want me to know is that the earth is flat, isn’t it?

For me it’s very simple, if I can’t get something at some point I’ll relaxe and its ok for me.

Because I don’t insist that everything is changed in my favor.

Precisely because people always want everything at all times and sometimes can’t hold back, our world is so f**ked up.
(But that doesn’t belong here and is another topic)

I find it interesting that only a small fraction resist the BP so much and most settle for it instead of complaining about it all the time.

The tasks are annoying and require time that you don’t want to sacrifice.
I also have to do things in real life that I would rather not do, and I still do them because it can’t always be prevented.

So I will sacrifice my time and indulge in these annoying chores so that I can get what I want in the end.

And I think 3 months is enough time to manage to get everything.


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What does any of that have to do with entertainment marketing? The topic Therryy is talking about. Disney does its vault thing and only releases movies after so many years. Their are Nike shoes that are available only for a limited time. Bini babies in the 90s were produced in limited amounts to drive up collector sales. Moves in theaters are only available for a limited time, so you better go in that small window lest you miss out on that Movie theater experience. McRib at Mcdonalds is a limited time availability item.

The very idea of FOMO drives the entire fabric of entertainment purchasing. Its fine to hate the idea of it. But its not like the concept is new.


No ofc not but what you’re trying to compare here are two different things cmon. Ofc recources can be limitited. But in most cases they’re not actually limited because of the resource they’re made of. They’re made limited for marketing purposes. Please read about artificial scarcity because i think you’re missing a big point here.


I have no experience with a battle pass in any game. At the beginning I probably misunderstood some things, so I’ll just wait until the battle pass is out. But the question arises for me: For example, if I want these 2x1 walls and pay for the battlepass, do I still have to unlock them? I always read here that ‘playing every 4 days is enough’… But within these 90 days it will happen more often that I won’t be able to play from Monday to Friday. Does that mean I can’t get to these walls if I don’t play enough?

The battle pass has 60 levels which progress through exp you earn through the challenges. It is designed that a person who plays 2 sessions of 1 hour in a week can complete them. So if you play 2 hours on the weekend you will be able to work your way through the pass without a problem. Also it’s not 1 hour of just doing challenges. It’s calculated into your normal session of playing.

You can have a “stash” of these challenges up to 4 days.

If you do not complete the pass until the point where the walls are let’s say level 45 however you will not get them.


What therryy said.

Though in the stream and the recap I wrote, it was very clear to me that Dennis and the Funcom team want to make this process easy. There are many other Battle Passes in other games where when they launch, are intentionally hard to try to force people to buy Battle Pass levels (Halo Infinite had a lot of early controversy about this, as a recent example). Conan Exiles is definitely aiming for the opposite of that. While there are options to buy Battle Pass levels for Conan Exiles (there are for almost all Battle Pass systems out there in other games), its apparent to me that Funcom prefers it to be easy and player friendly over encouraging players to purchase Battle Pass levels.

I wrote a TON about the Battle Pass that was discussed during the stream. This includes the level of challenges and what to expect from completing each one EXP wise, and the things therryy talked about. Click the below link and then scroll to the part on “Battle pass Challenges.”


Short answer.

If you pay, but do not play, you do not get the item.

However, Funcom mentioned that you could pay extra to skip the playing.

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Yeah they mention two things. 1, the elite pass which gives you 15 levels, and 2, “buying levels” separately. Not sure how the later works but I suppose one could buy all the levels and then just sit in their base and do nothing(?).

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BTW, for people interested in the roots of all this and the how a lot of how it all came about, this UO 2018 discussion gives some very interesting insight.

First of all, to make things clear, I know that artificial scarcity exists in the real world. And I also know that it is a marketing strategy that has been practiced for ages. I never said it wasn’t.

I just wanted to make people understand why the fundamental concept of scarcity exists in the first place. “Scarcity refers to a gap between limited resources and theoretically limitless wants.” Because that’s just what it is. And to make it clear that artificial scarcity has no place where there is no natural reason for it.

Maybe you can understand me better now, but as much as I know my luck probably not.


I am and will remain a defender of the BP.

Funcom doesn’t do anything wrong here, in fact they do it better than any other BP publisher.

For me there is also the extra shop, which I personally find positive.

I’m not rich myself, so it’s just great for me to be able to buy something in the shop through the BP.

In the BP you can earn CC and use it in the shop, for me it’s a win-win situation.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the entire FC team.
( ˘ ³˘):heart:

Now you can lock me in the wheel of pain and throw clubs at me. (ノ^_^)ノ