Battle pass feedback

“The problem - if indeed there is one - is that the model where you get one window of opportunity to acquire something, and after that it’s gone forever, turns some people off from the whole thing. That’s bad for the game.”

Why is this a problem? I dont relish the idea of being a copy of someone else. Its why i dont copy other peoples builds. Its also why i get bored of mainstream MMOs. Everyone has everything thats the same.

If thats the way this game goes , then it too will fall by the wayside with me. I dont play games because theyre popular and couldnt care less.

I understand the company needs to make money and they need to do what they do to make it profitable- this i understand.

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It isn’t, unless you think it is. I happen to think it’s at least partly problematic - you don’t, that’s great!

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getting people to spend more money is not engagement, its a money making method.

There are better ways to get engagement.

BP could be redone as Seasons, offer up Story elements and give players something to do with dailies as they do challanges and unlock story and learn new ways to play game. Get them to look for new Sorcery set up items.
While having Sorcery themed items in Cash Shop.

We get new content, they get money from shop and no one has to go thru hoops for extra items or miss out on content.

Paying customers are engaged…

That’s different for everyone and which is why we discus the matter here on the forums.
I explained party of why they do it this way here:

And therryy explained this as well in another well written post here:

I’m not trying to change your opinion, its purely informative.

Am in agreement with @prologue1337 - #patience
All Game Companies are completely aware - Players always vote with their feet. Dennis stated the conditions surrounding BattlePass and Shop factors several times during the 3.0 announcement stream. Many players will want both Shop and BPass content, some will not (as with past DLC content).
Restrain your thralls till then. If Players will choose whether they want added cosmetic content or not. Not everyone bought the past DLCs and it therefore stands to reason same will apply with any new content. The core content in 3.0 will likely keep a Lot of players busy anyway.
With any game I have, the choice to buy content remains mine.


Well what you describe is basically the battle pass just that it isnt offering story (as far as i know) and its exclusive. And at some point redoing the seasons or offering them at a later time will bring less revenue than a newly released bp. It will be more work to keep all the old passes stored somewhere including a system which allows you to play old passes AND it takes away the reason for people to stay engaged because you can earn everything later anyways. Maybe you just need to face that topic a little bit more open-minded.

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Storing Text files for Seasons isn’t a Huge deal… How is adding something thats already there more work. The System is already there in first place. You can just store small bits, or pull it out.

You just gave player option to click something in a Menu to Open a Old Season/Story.

OR better yet, Run a Season for 3 months, Bring old one back for a Month (giving alot of players a break) Before Starting new one. (fall out 76 has a small break between seasons)

Thats not what i describe… I describe a BP thats the Story Elements, with out the Tier System.
Its Lure of New Content to get player to Play. Themed items in Store is what gets players to Spend Money. (aka fair and even for both parties, and no missed out items do to limited time(

If players want to support game, they can buy in Cash Shop. And not use over pricing and over top marketing tactics to make money.

Funcom could itlest try the Black Lotus Market Place FIRST, before resorting to easy mode button BP junk that gets hate.

I get that people in Marketing love the Limited Time Offer **** to get more sales… But its not Needed Here.

There plenty of players willing to pay for goods, No reason to add extra Steps outside wanting Even More Money by using Tactics that aren’t welcome.


Questions about the Battlepass:

  • Will challenges be map specific? For example, “Complete the Black Keep” (only on the Exiled Lands map) or “Complete the Harbor of the Drowned” (only on the Isle of Siptah)?
  • Will challenges repeat themselves? For example, “Collect 1000 stone” (and then on the next “roll” for new cards, it comes up again “Collect 1000 stone”)?
  • Will challenges equate to Journey steps even if some of those steps cannot be completed? For example, “Defeat the Mummy of the Ring”?
  • Will challenges include PvP goals for PvE players? For example, if you are playing PvE, will you get a card that says “Kill another player”?
  • Will all challenges be completable on custom maps? For example, the ‘Savage Wilds’ mod map? I know the Devs have said some can be completed – my question is regarding “all”.
  • What happens after we “complete” the first Battlepass – will we be required to level up a new character to 60 each time a new Battlepass starts?
  • What happens if we pay for the highest rank Battlepass (level 15 I believe was stated), but don’t complete the challenges? Do we get all the products we paid for in the Battlepass at the end of the 90 days, or do we lose our investment?

60 tiers from what i heard.

From what i heard in in video, it sounds like it works like CoD pass.
(will stick to 60 ranks instead of CoD 100)

Free User can level up pass, But only gets the Free Ones. (lets Say Ranks 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 are freebies) You get only those Free Ranks, But still are require to level up tiers you do not pay for.

So if a Rank 60/60 free user buys Pass they Can Claim all others they did not. (safe way to do it, if you feel you wont be able to finish in time)

If you Buy Battle pass, and your rank 0. You have till end date to get to 60. And need claim each one as you unlock it. (or before ending date)

So if End Date Happens, and your Rank 30 of 60. Thats it. Thats all you get, (of what arwards you claimed anyway)
They also mention the ability to buy tiers. So if your 30 of 60, you can Often Pay Even More money to by pass leveling) (i’d have rewatch video on that part)

If you were Rank 60, and didn’t claim any of 60 ranks…And End Date passes you by, you missed them all. (This is how all passes have work for all games) Funcom Hasn’t stated any Grace Period or anything.

I think most users would click and claim most of them as they go. Mostly only one time use items would set till your ready use them.
Thou they Made it sound if there plently of time to level pass with limited play.

Battle Pass sounds like its own thing in Menu. and 99.99% you’ll only ever need your Main Character.

You can re-roll challenges. So i think if you finish abunch of them, and find yourself with one not related to location or thing you can do. You can simply re-roll what Dalies are.

You dont even know how much the items in the shop will cost so how can you say something is going to be overpriced? How do you know whats needed inside the company? Are you their sales-manager? Because if you arent you do not have a clue about their finances and what they need or dont need. Just because 20 people in the forum say they are willing to pay to support funcom doesnt mean they really make a lot of income in the moment. A ton of people playing this game owning DLC’s buy them from various key sites. Even the base game. Also a factor no one thinks about. Having your own ingame method of making revenue is important in today gaming industry because they lose TONS of money to key resellers.

Also the tactics arent welcome by some. But many people have no problem with it and even like it. They just dont have a reason to complain so you wont hear their voices in the forum.

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Sigh… I’m talk about Battle Pass. Not the items.

If a User wants a Item in Battle Pass, Lets say a Outfit… and nothing else. They are OVER PAYING.
the extra fluff is just there to fill in stuff. If you think pity items are worth the value, by all means pay it.

How Ever… if you want only few of items, Your Hit with Limited Time and Price Tag that Does Not Match.
(as stated, items will not be featured in the Store)

Look, English is not my 1st language. And I’m at work… so I don’t type out every counter point.

Theirs? No, Have I been? Yes.
Going over Data how people shop and finding ways to make them Shop is a thing.

Again, there plently of articles on Internet about How Passes and Such Make money, and how the Majority of people do not understand Fully what there doing…

Thats Marketing for people who do not Understand whats going on. Which is why it Works. which is why I can say, there going to make money. They didn’t hire a Monetization Expert to gamble, they Hired a Monetization Expert to make them Money.
Tencent does this with all of there Products (that it appllies) and it made them one of largest Companies.
(along with other tactics that are shady…and becoming more common)

Agree’d, BUT… they should have tried Cash Shop First.
DLC are Bundles…
Cash Shops, your buying only items you want. But the over all cost is higher then Bundle DLC. But opens up player who don’t wanna spend 15$, to a 5$ option etc. It is Option Most People are Familer with and expect.

Its NOT THE BEST, Money Making Method. But its better then DLC Method in most cases.

Were is battle passes, add more Marketing Methods in one go, It “can” be most money making method when it works. I can not say for ceratiny its failed any game. (again, it preys on a Majority of People who fall for it)
That is Possible for Conan Exiles. (failure) But point of Battle Pass is that its less Effort, (filled with pointless items that take very little effort, and a handful of Effort ones)
They only need get it out the Door, Go over Data, and then adjust it.

Look, there are plently of people who like it… Many of whom do not understand it.
AND there are some who work all day and week and have spare money to Toss at paying for Tiers and leveling it up.
Which is what makes it OK.

I’m not against Funcom Making Money. Like I said… they are other methods that should have been tried 1st.

I’m just Simple Girl who wants to Support Funcom in a Fair manner.
I gave them Money, they Give me the Item… No Extra Steps,

Every game I have played with Battle Pass Models, I miss out on content I want… cause I’m not willing to over Pay for the items. (aka Buy the Pass) I do not see value in most of Fluff items in Battle passes)

I made Exception for COD, Cause 1st Season had Way to many Cod Points, Mara and some good items) So Value of Season pass was good, But Season 2? Oh Ya… they figure out real quickly they gave out to many CoD Points. By Season 3. they got that Season Narrowed down. So value was really no longer there.
Battle Passes in the Majority are not worth money put in. (adding sale value of all items, is not same as the effort of items)

You know… I’m Old… I’ve watch how alot of this has played out, or maybe my time in Sales as Kept me Awake to BS that goes on when i step into a Store.

500$ printer next to 200$ printer at end of alse. 200$ has same features as 500$ one. So you think its good buy. BUT… they know most people will not go down that Alse. (they weren’t there for printer in 1st place) And will toss that 200$ baby in Cart and smile thinking they got a Great Deal!

Only fact…there a 80$ printer down mid way thru Alse on bottom shelf out of eye site that does everything the expensive ones do. XD

Same with DLC’s actually


Diffidently a few I didn’t buy cause I didn’t want most of items, Hence why I was a supporter of in game store for awhile now.

I think most of DLC for CE I bought, i got my monies worth.

Save…rrrrr Yamatai was one that felt to close to Khitan. But I wanted some of weapons and armor.
I kinda didn’t get my money worth, But… I was able write that one off as Free money for Funcom.

I havnt bought Turan, Picts or Argso, since I had no use for them.

I see, well the store is a very nice addon! I loved to see you can buy what you want.

However the BP will be optional for people that want to support it, selling this timed bundle will add revenue exactly where they need it to develop new content which will always be free for everyone even without paying. So they know when their peak income will hit so they can plan their work in the future months.

I think its only fair for people that bought it will have this exclusivity, because they supported the new content via the battle pass (if this isn’t clear as of why I think this, I linked to post explaining this more clearly for if you want to read about it :slight_smile: ).


Thanks for the information. Guess that means I’ll “pass” on the Battlepass. If I can’t get everything I paid for, I’m not “gambling” with my money. I want to support Funcom, but not throw money away for nothing. And no, I can’t guarantee what’s going to happen in 90 days. My computer might crash or I get sick and hospitalized… or who knows what.

Guess I’ll stick to supporting Funcom only through the Black Lotus Bazaar. You spend money and you get your item. End of transaction (no “might get” involved).

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Like I said thou!

And Funcom Said in Video, Time investment for Dalies is Very Low! So in theory be done by about anyone.

So you can play thru Pass, With out Paying. If you find yourself at Rank 60 of 60. You can then pay for Battle Pass AS NORMAL. (Same Price ether way) And get it all. (if you feel value is there)

The Buy tier Option is really for those… with money to throw around, or for what ever reason satrted Season pass with 1 day left… or some weird oddity.

It shouldn’t be much of a gamble tho. They said it’s currently tuned for a player who plays one hour per day, two days per week (for 13 weeks) and they may make it even easier. They also said that these “challenges” aren’t something much different from your normal play. So if you just play the game the challenges will just be completed - like, in the background without you really even having to try or focus on the specific challenge details.

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  • the challenges can be done up to 4 days later until they “decay” or however you want to call it. So you’re gone from friday to sunday? No problem, you can do all your challenges on monday.

Well, the decision to buy the content is yours, but not when you buy it. And that is just as important.

People should ask themselves why some things are limited in the real world. Because some things are only made in limited quantities. This is because all physical resources are not infinite.

But there is no logical reason to limit software. Once created, it can be replicated in unlimited quantities. The only limitation is man-made, thus artificial and not natural.

Then they should ask themselves if there is any benefit of limitation other than having things that most others don’t have. So that one feels better as someone, which is not something good to do.

So when someone supports something like exclusivity and limitation, they are only doing it for their personal benefit and that is selfish.

So I want to buy things when I want and can and not when I am supposed to, because otherwise I can never get it.


Have a quick check back to Multigun’s detailed feedback earlier in this subject as it covers things very well. With the Sorcery update, we get that core game enhancement free. No monies need change hands.

As with a house I already own, should I choose to add to or change rooms in the house, perhaps add decor to the doors, I expect to pay for it as it is not part of the original purchase.