Battle pass feedback

Krafton PUBG has a pass without boosts(at least last time i played like 4 months ago)
Riot(TFT, Valorant) has multiple passes without boosts
Behaviors Dead by Daylight has a pass without boosts
Fall guys has a pass without boosts

Those are only the games i played/play i 100% know of and they have passes for multiple years even. They introduced passes and stopped right there. Dont generalize everything when there are multiple examples to dismantle your argument.


Oooh, cool. Thanks for the education (I’ve slowly been learning about the various ways that games doing Battle Pass systems ha ha. I count it as educating myself of game dev matters, though its the marketing segment). I think that can even be mitigated with Sea of Thieves, if they wanted to. Do something like a seasonal or yearly event in which all players who login between such and such date get x BP bundle for free (that was already free before), something like that. But that just depends on how they would want to approach it.

I think a hybrid approach either way is appropriate. As outlined in therryy’s post here about why engagement and exclusivity are important factors.

You offer some good will to the consumers, while offering ways to encourage engagement and exclusivity that players in general seem to like, Seem, being the key word. I’m just basing that off of my research thus far into other Battle Pass systems. But that doesn’t mean I’m right. It’s a hypothesis at this point.

Though I generally defer to people who have years or decades of experience in this field. A lot of these people have years of experience + Masters or even PHD’s in things like Communications where such subjects of capitalism are studied and educated at length (long term partner has a Masters in Comm, and she runs circles around me when we talk about this subject).

True and good point. It can be done though. I think I’ll hold off my opinions until that one is more firm on what the plan is there. But I’m generally okay with it if a decent chunk of the rewards on the BP have a different variant on the Bazaar after or within a reasonable amount of time.


What If I want it? Why Should I pay 20-30$ for a Battle Pass to get said item. when they should’ve offered it as Shop item instead. Cause any of items in Battle Pass will NOT be in Store after.

Whats so hard about me giving them money for a item up front. Why should there be extra Steps and Effort in purchasing of Goods.


Well what’s so hard to understand about why they chose to design it the way they did. It was explained multiple times and you always talk about how dumb people are. Yet you fail to understand the engagement part of passes.

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Should the single use items in the Battle Pass be considered filler?
Should they even be considered rewards worth noting?

As this one understands it, and please correct if wrong, the rewards for the participation only version of the Battle Pass is restricted to those one and done items. At that point is it really going to incentivize participation above the desire to just play?

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Obviously I can only really speak for myself, but the answer to that question is no. Consumables provide exactly zero incentive for me.

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We don’t know what those free items gonna be yet do we? Like as long as we haven’t seen a complete battle pass that’s a thing we can’t really discuss about I feel like.

I just know from other games that they also give free cosmetics. Recolorings and such.

This one thought the Devs had mentioned it in the devstream. It was long and this one didn’t take large numbers of notes, so in all possibility this one is in error.

But the other half of this one’s question, whether single use items should be considered filler, stands?

This one is on the fence and curious about the views of others. As this one has ambivalence bordering upon very mild antipathy towards Battle Passes in general, this one solicits additional perspectives, as their own is possibly compromised.

Edit: Mea Culpa!
The note was all single use items will be free, not all free items will be single use!

In my experience, “never” happens sooner than Soon™ in the games industry. Remember, all the decisions are made at the corporate level, not the development/design team level. Even a lead designer cannot make company-binding promises.

It’s an unfortunate fact that when game publishers make these decisions, they calculate the number of players lost due to broken promises vs. the amount of money they can get from those remaining. And if the bottom line says more money, even if it means angry players complaining about broken promises online, money wins.

I was among those who backed Phoenix Point, which was promised to be released on Steam and GoG for the backers. Then Epic Games came in and offered the studio a sum of money for a year’s exclusivity, which naturally made people who prefer Steam/GoG quite upset. So I had to wait for an extra year to play the game on the platform I had chosen, and had been promised, during the campaign. Many chose not to wait but ask for a refund instead. Allegedly a studio employee slipped in a discussion that even if all the original backers had asked for a refund, they would still have come on top with Epic’s money. So alienating your loyal and enthusiastic p(l)ayer base will always remain an option when investors call the shots.

Examples like this is why we’re having these discussions in the first place. What’s good for the company is probably good for the players - but what’s best for the company may not be best for the players.

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It happens sometimes, but a promise made is a promise to keep.
We’re creating a problem that doesn’t exist :confused:

If they want a successful game they know P2W isn’t a part of that picture. I can’t think of any successful game that is P2W, I only know dead ones or dying games that has P2W and is often published by publishers like Valofe.

This is the most anti consumer thing you can do, but this happened to consoles too for a long time, there isn’t anything rewarding about such a system (Epic Games for that matter plays on greed, not quality).

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I can think of several. It depends on how you define “successful”. Even if the game flops, if the developers make a bunch of money from harpooning whales first, it was still technically a success. At least in the eyes of the execs and investors. Which is why some devs keep pumping out crappy P2W games that die in relatively short order. It’s also why some underhanded practices are becoming more common, like not allowing pre-release reviews or patching in the P2W mechanics after the initial reviews have been published.

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I hate to break it to everyone but thats is how society works. Im choosing the word society because its not only economics and companies, which ofc will mostly do whats best for them. Its also just people like you and me. One publisher changing their monetization modell (which is just arguably more user-friendly because it depends on likings of people as well) wont change that, unfortunately.

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One can say the same about how someone defining “P2W”, for some a skin is already P2W… for someone else boosters are P2W*.

We’re speculating on a problem that doesn’t exist but should be addressed of course if they ever do so.

*I do not wish to argue about what is p2w and what isn’t, its an example nothing more I didn’t give my opinion about it its an EXAMPLE.

True, but if we just accept the way things are, it’s likely things are going to get worse in the long run, not better.

There is a reason why Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” lists “Think win-win” as one of the seven. Not just how I win, but how both sides win. The end result is more total win, even if it’s a somewhat smaller win for me personally, in the short term. In the long run, more total win will turn into a bigger personal win as well - and it won’t come at the cost of someone else losing.

But Covey thought in terms of years, decades even. Most people and companies don’t, unfortunately. And I admit this may be a personal flaw that I try to think a too big picture too often, which causes asymmetry of scale when I try to communicate with people who live more in the here and now.

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Well, I can only speak for myself, and for me, single-use items ARE a filler. I don’t care about them at all.


Give me yours then, I’ll have them. :slight_smile:

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Deal ^^

Hopefully every battle pass has a dlc version of it. This way Conan Exiles don’t become Fortnite. Also hope battle pass doesn’t replace dlc.

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There will be plenty of items rotating in the shop, this will somewhat be similar to DLC’s but now you’re able to buy only the specific items you wanna buy (except for the extra’s which are exclusive to the battle pass).

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If I can go one farther: some games have Supporter Packs where a lot of or all the stuff is in a combo for people who want the badge, the Steam upgrades, etc. This would be what I’d like as an option for gifts for friends. This is primarily how I have supported the game, through DLC purchases for friends. The added cred of Supporter is quite nice, and for friends who are either DLC shy or cash sensitive yet do very much support the game, it’s a cool thing to have.