Battle Pass (IDEA)

As there do not currently appear to be any plans to extend the current Battle Pass.

The previous Battle Passes could be put on rotation.

This would allow players a second chance to complete any Battle Passes that they had missed as well as allow new players to gain access to the all of the content (items story etc)

This could also generate further income for Funcom with little effort and help fund further content.

PS don’t forget my commission :rofl:

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I honestly would like to see this happen, but i somehow doubt it’ll happen.
I missed out on most battlepasses because i expected to be unable to finish them. I only grinded through one (Relic Hunter one) under the old system with a lot of effort, but under the new system i’d do most if not all of them. I jumped on the current one and enjoyed completing and using it. Currently just playing the game as i would with much more enjoyment.

But, i doubt they’ll do it so i’m spending my current BP coins on the bazaar. I kind of wish there weren’t 2k-5k coin prices in there, such as the aquilonian lifestyle bundle… staggering.

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