Battle pass items not able to craffed lvl 60 unlocked

privet modded, offical, or singleplayer dose not matter (pc)
bought crom coins for the first lvls then did the challenges for the others.
i can not craft any of the armor or use them “acting like i have not unlocked it” dose not show up in feats as well
eg i can craft a lvl 49 purple torch but can not craft the lvl 16 green or lvl 25 yellow torch or the lvl 37 white wall torch

Did you actually buy the battle-pass itself though for the 1200 coins or the premium one for even more?
And if so (cuz I imagine you can’t buy levels without getting a pass first short of some bug), did you use the Claim all rewards button to actually claim them on a character?

Yea, that purple one’s free though while the rest aren’t, so your game is essentially acting like you don’t own the battle-pass itself.

i bought the 3000 premium battle pass might have done one or 2challenges lvls befor buying the pass.
The premium battle pass is grayed out for me ass well right now and i have nuff coins to buy another premium.

think your on to somthing with the only free stuff all my bazarr ones are working fine for me

ok well i bought the normal battle pass and it did not cost me coin (used any coin) and unlocked all the feats and i can now make all the items.

Yea, it really seems like some issue with the premium battle pass and it somehow doesn’t grant the entitlements as it should.
You don’t even have the claim checkmarks next to premium unlocks I assume, right?
See, this is how it looks for me for example. And it says “claimed” under the name of the item on the right side

Yea, I figured it would be something like that… the premium one not actually automatically unlocking the basic one… Glad you sorted it though!

thanks for the help Xevyr

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