Battle pass rewards are not reflected correctly

I bought a battle pass and completed several challenges but the reward only reflected a free level 8 wall chart.
The free level 5 eye patch was automatically added to my inventory but was not selectable and could not be equipped.

So,I reinstalled Conan Exiles.
However, only the level 8, and 11 cup of the dead was added to my inventory, but the other rewards were not available.

I have only recently started this game and am new to this forum.
Where can I write to you to get a response?

I don’t know much English so this is a translation from DeepL

Most of the rewards are recipes you can craft, and won’t be added directly to your inventory. Only single-use illusions or potions are added directly I believe. Even the illusions are not items to equip but something you can use in the Thaumaturgy bench once you unlock sorcery.

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Thank you for the explanation about the illusions. I understand about that.
However, my problem is that I purchased a battle pass but only got the free item.

For example, the Abyssal Hound on level 4 is
’This item can be found in the Ancestral Knowledfe catefory of the Knowkedge menu’
but I can’t find the recipe.
There is a free Wall paint Thaumaturgy.
Am I looking in the wrong place?
There is no emote for level 6, and the coins have not increased since the first 1200 I bought.

Some of the Battle Pass recipes require that you unlock the base game recipe for it. For example, you can’t craft a Battle Pass saddle unless you know how to make saddles.

I’m not sure about why the emote or Crom coins would not unlock. Since you play on PC, do you have any mods installed? Some of those, especially mods that add new items or otherwise change game features, can cause problems when new stuff is added to the official game.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I am playing on the PC version, single and co-op.
I have added some mods, so if you say that is the cause of the problem, I would agree with you, but removing the mods did not solve the problem, so I don’t know what to do.

Is there any official support for this game?

You can use the Bug reporting forum if you’ve encountered something that you think is a bug; or you can file a Zendesk ticket for other matters here:

Please be aware that Funcom customer support is very busy with all kinds of reports, so it may take some time before they can reply to you.

Also, as you’re new to the forums, you can’t post screenshots yet, but once you can, please post some screenshots of your Battle Pass page, so maybe we regular players can help you with your issue. There are lots of very helpful and knowledgeable people on these forums, so it’s likely that you’ll get your answer sooner here than via “official” support channels. It still doesn’t hurt to contact Funcom directly, either.

Yes, I did try to upload a screenshot to explain it, but I couldn’t do it.
Thank you for the details.

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