Battlepass nonbug thought


Has there been any thoughts about interim challenges to grind out for more stuff until the next round comes about?

To clarify, I’m at lvl 60 and think it would be awesome if I could do more challenges for stuff until next season.



Looking at the battle pass, I think they’re missing an opportunity with it. The battle pass itself seems pretty fluffed up. They could take a page out of Bethesda’s book and hire modders to help design items , (I know, pay for mods) but it would give an opportunity for ps and Xbox to get items or gimmicks that would be completely nonexistent otherwise. But also showcase community members and highlight creativity - and address needs users seek, like armor racks.

But it would give them a chance to put $$$$ in their pocket and help the community.

But I’d doubt they’d add a second battle pass out till they get the first one handled


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