Be able to male tralls interact

Make its so we can use oure tralls in the decoration in the houses, so thet can interact whit charse, beds and so on, to geive more life to the house. Ex if i build a guard rom i can put 2-4 guard aroun the table to do some thing one stand guard at the door and put some resting in the beeds.

*I’m thinking you meant to say MAKE not MALE in your title, I would want my Female thralls to do the same :slight_smile:

This was their original intention, to have thralls turn off and on lights, to auto farm ores, to open gates on your approach etc but it needed to be cut back in time for release. If they had more time it would have been done I’m sure.

I believe it’s hasn’t been ruled out for a future update… It would be nice.

I’d also like to be able to have a thrall at my front door which other players can talk to, with my thrall passing on messages I have given them to say (in text)

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