Beehemoth fanart (& more..?!)

Hi guys! I started playing back in March and had a blast since. The recent anniversary event was so fun, thus spawned some fanart! Originally posted on my blog, I thought I should share them here too >:)

Beehemoth 2: Electric Boogaloo, the bee piñata smash back! It’s a beat or bee beaten kind of world after all…

“The Council of Venice would like to issue a statement in light of the recent incident. Attached is an excerpt from our archive regarding the creature known as “Beehemoth”. For your safety, we recommend referring to this chart when approaching the creature. Good luck.”

Hope you all had fun during the event!


It’s really cool man! Continue, please!

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Yes, this is fantastic!! :revolving_hearts: The bonked one is too cute, and I love the Filthy evolution! :blacksignal: It would definitely be terrifying to turn and see that face. Looming.


It happened to me once at the bank in Agartha. Terrifying.

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