Where is Beehemoth?

Heard talk of it, see that there are drops for it mentioned, but…

Where do I find it?

It’s a giant bee pinata spawned by Andy, maybe other Funcom employees, on the hub platform so you just have to wait for someone to call it out in chat and hope you can meet up on them in time to get credit for rewards.


Indeed. It is a developer spawned boss that drops the [Spoils of the Beehemoth] bag and title “Beehemoth Slayer”. The boss will be spawned randomly throughout the day at the developer’s choosing as well as it seems to only spawn in one “instance” of agartha - so as stated above, meet up on someone who has called it out in chat to get to the boss.

The boss is/will be located right near the public raids platform launch pad.

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I finally got in on a Beehemoth fight today at the edge of the platform for Hollowed Halls, it spawned in my instance and 2-3 others at the same time. No devs came with them, though, so I still don’t have any dev shirts but that’s alright. Before the patch, it did seem to only be in one instance at a time, and alongside Andy, but today’s patch notes mentioned a hard cap on the instances so maybe they’re going to spawn it at more than one from now on, but I obviously don’t know.

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Thanks for the clarification, wasn’t sure from the patch today. If they are spawning in more instances that helps out definitely!

I also noticed they started spawning every hour, at least in the evening (U.S). Not sure if Funcom automated it or some employees were spawning them on a schedule since it’s the weekend, but I witnessed at least 3 of the spawns at approximately 37 minutes past the hour, so people could kill the Beehemoth between going Gatekeeper and Talos.


That would make sense if they did that from the patch.