Beehive and Improved Beehive not working

Game mode: Online Private Server
Problem: Beehives not working
Region: The Highlands

The issue is that I can build and place the beehives and they work at first, but if you unload them they won’t continue to work afterwards. The server was not reset, they just stop working.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place down beehive
  2. Take out Honey once beehive is full
  3. Honey stops producing
  4. Have to put down new beehives to continue honey production.

Can confirm this bug, have had to constantly mass create beehives for honey.

after doing some research i found a modder who had also encounter the same bug and created a mod to test the code for it. Apparently the hive turns off when all slots are full and nothing is turning it back on again.