Before you release sl on rk19 change tags and drop rate


The drop rates for tier armor mats should have no drop tags removed from them and the drop rates increased drastically.

Many other sl items should have no drop removed such as visionist tool. Many others as well. Having items to farm and sell will help the economy and much more.


I agree that there are some SL drop rates that could certainly do with a review, and that should have been done ages ago.

Not sure I agree with you about the nodrop tags removal though, I’m personally in favour of mechanics that encourage ‘farming’ for what you need, rather than to sell. Nodrop tags are a good thing when they work like those in TOTW, e.g. dark memories, i.e. they encourage a group of appropriate level players to team up and work together to get the items for everyone. IMHO the risk of a yesdrop item being seen as high value and monopolised by twinks/multiboxers needs to be considered.


The profession reps in Jobe could be unlocked to allow any profession to trade mats for glyphs as well so you are able to farm the glyphs you want without being forced to collect the items on a particular toon. It would make alt friendly at least.


Yeah, I’d agree with that. Like I say, I’m a fan of mechanics that encourage playing together with appropriate level toons, and part of that is making it so everyone can benefit from spending their time there, rather than sending their 220 in.


Isn’t there already an NPC that changes 3 “wrong” tier armor parts to one correct one for you somewhere in jobe? Or is my memory failing me again…

Visionist tool on the other hand is now completely useless item after it’s been replaced by the more powerful docaholics rings.

Generally i do feel that nodrop tags are bad at this stage of the game. Multiboxers will still camp the most wanted items and sell the lootrights for outrageous prices. Items without nodrop tag however are usually available in higher quantities in the GMI and thus (usually) cheaper.


Yes you’re right :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about drop rates. The MB’er can do this easily. And the economy? Don’t worry too my friend. They will sell it for a piece of creds…


You can’t get glyphs for other profs they won’t talk with you.