So..this Subway

Its been a good while since Subway was added.

Ive done it many many times now. Ive seen the bloodless sleeve drop once, aswell as the patchwork. Ive seen the bulwark drop twice and Ive yet to see the belt drop from Abmouth. I have been graced with the continious drops of the glorious fr00b T-shirt, various Bau armor parts and the various weapons.

Im very sure im not the only one feeling discouraged and drained every time i burn 2 hours to find Bau armor and other junk.

I think its time to fix the loot tables.
Remove Bau armor drop from Abmouth, and generally lower its drop chance.

Increase the drop rate of key items on key items. A good way could be having the belt, bulwark, patchwork have a 100% drop chance for one of Them, and then random for the last items that would drop.

Have the spider drop one sleeve on a 75% or maybe 50%.

So when people do this raid, it wont nearly always end up with a slap to the face.

Inb4 someone says it should be super rare etc etc to have the raid not go empty in a matter of months.
My response is: Take DB3 100% drop in bracer, people still do it.
PoH 300% on machis, people Still do it.

People will ALSO do Subway in a Long time from now, if IT become less of a frustrating chore, i guarentee.

What do you guys think? Am i Alone on this?.

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I agree. Hope they will look into this soon.