Condemned Subway 201+ drop rate ridiculously low

Recenlty returning player excited to test new setups with new subway and totw content, done 11 subway raids 6 without Eumenides kill, teamed with random ppls from lft, took an average of 3 hours per run somethimes more with couple fails and in all those 11 runs the following items didnt even dropped: Mark of the Bloodless, Condemned Bulwark, Patchwork Defensive Drone, Belt of Great Justice, Eumenides’s Omni-Pol Forest Body Armor. Over 35 hours of hard raiding with none of the major loot items.On a quick estimation would need to spend over 100 hours in the best scenario, thats like 3 months with 3-4 raids a week just for one character.I don’t know who has that much time and patience no matter how fun and interactive it is.Those major items mentioned above should have at least 100% drop rate for this raid instance to be viable.

many people complained about low droprate in different topic, me included. I have to say that I am past that and I changed my opinion. These items are too good to have better droprate. I just remember that I had to wait half a year for my first Burden from beast back in the days. 100% drop rate of these items is ridiculous.

Back in the days none would complain about it, but ever sience a few years now ppls raised awareness about the long hours of grinding (so called mmo scam phenomenon) the main ideea of classic mmo has decayed, and its the main reason why ppls are leaving this type of games, ppls now want less time spent into grinding routine killing the same mobs over and over again and more time into pvp action.AO staff proved that was aware of this phenomenon and took a step into the right direction with the 300% drop rate of Machiaveli’s, however the last 2 raid instances(totw and subway 201+) are 2 steps back regarding drop rate percentage.Subway even with 100% drop rate would still need an average of 60 hours of raiding just for 1 character sience most of the professions need 4 or 5 of the major items, for ppls with 10+ 220 toons could take more than a year.There is an unwritten rule or more like a trick used in other mmo’s: if the new item it’s better than the old one should have a better drop rate than the old one, that kinda works like a proof of respect for current and returning players and it also helps new player progression.

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agree with 100% droprate.
its not about flexing because you have an item.
its about HOW you flex utilizing your item.

Let everyone obtain everything, and that enables players to express themselves, rather than playing an infinite game of catchup.


100% drop would mean that after mount will be that dung empty couse everyone will have all stuff. why there shoud be 100% becouse peoples are lazy and its easier to cry?

proples are cry that mobs have to much HP, drop is low dung, is long etc. its endgame content and those items are not must have u can do whatever you want without them so why they shoud be easyli obtainable

I think he’s saying 100% droprate of one uber item that most people want - belt, drone, mark, etc. If you figure there’s maybe 5 of the super-good stuff, and maybe 5 people in the team want any given one, that’s still 25 raids per item.

My issue with it is that it’s mostly just hours of brainless dpsing. DB3 is much more fun.