Beginning intro sequence

So when you start the game and it goes into the cinematic I noticed conan says “first they took your family and your riches”… Made me start wondering, who the heck is my character suppose to be…how many riches we talking about? Will I ever find my family or are they dead?

You really only had the one “riches”. A rather plain looking gold ring. Ordinarily nobody would even give it a second glance, but somehow it seems to draw you in if you look at it too long, and for some reason you just couldn’t bring yourself to part with it willingly.

As for your family…lets just say that after the last get together, you’re not missing them all that much. :grimacing:

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He is not talking about the player, opening cinematic is about Conan rescuing Razma of Shem. She was some sort of royalty or noble back there, hens the “riches”.


Whoever you want them to be really! It is a sandbox, and your character’s backstory matters exactly as much or as little as you decide it should. Some people enjoy imagining their character’s life up to the point where the game starts, giving them motivations and goals and drives. Others name their character “xXxSmasher1337xXx” and don’t spend a second worrying about it. Either way is fine.

Well it IS possible for your character to leave the exiled lands, unfortunately the game ends when that happens, so whatever comes next is in your imagination only!

Thing that always gets me is that suicide note from the guy who leaves the waterskin right when you come off the cross, about despair at realizing he’ll never see his family or smell his daughter’s hair again. Like, I get it man… dem feels!


My character was a thief. They certainly took the riches away from me, although it may have been a stretch to call them my riches in the first place.


Finders keepers, so I guess you were rich

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