Beginning to Climb costs 20 Stamina, due to Jumping adjustment

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: ANY
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: NONE
Mods: NONE

Bug Description:

Beginning to Climb costs 20 Stamina, due to Jumping adjustment

The recommendation here is to check for the condition of Climbing if adjacent to a climbable surface, prior to initiating a Jump.

The climbing mechanics have been really nice in this game, but this current implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

You obviously know if we are Climbing at the apex of the jump based upon proximity to a wall or climbable surface, but at the point where it is currently transitioning to climbing, your stamina has already been expended. 20 points of a 100 point pool means that previously achievable heights are not reachable without fancy climbing gear or building a shelf mid-way up.

If you check for the presence of the wall, and the character enters into climbing even without the characteristic “hop”, it lead to a better climb than at present. If a character were to jump NOT in contact with the wall, the Jump is the correct action to take which will carry the player into the wall, as per the current implementation.

Bug Reproduction:

Due to the adjustments to Stamina Cost for Jumping in the lastest update, beginning to Climb will immediately cost you 20 more stamina. This is making previous climbs more costly, as this is a large loss of stamina or climb potential. If you were to begin climbing by falling off of a foundation or other structure, you will not be charged this high stamina penalty.

The workaround is for devs to check for for the condition of climbing before jumping, when your character is directly in contact with a climbable surface.

Situations to test:

  1. Standing facing a cliff, move your character forward as if walking into the wall and then begin climbing by pressing the Spacebar or other default Jump key / button. You will observe that you have expended 20 Stamina, plus a tiny bit more for the first moment of the climb, as the game transitions you to climbing.
  2. Building a sandstone foundation at or near the base of the wall to be climbed (assuming no land claim) you will observe that there is No Stamina Cost for the commencement of the climb if you fall into the wall as your climbing begins. Falling is essential.

Without a fix, you might observe players creating temporary Start Me Off Steps all over the map?

Also: the Bug Reporting Template only accepts capitalized NONE as an option for Server Name and Mods, not lower case “none”. Maybe you should adjust the helpful text to suggest that we enter NONE instead of “none”.

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