Being forced to buy conan exiles again?

Hi there, I bought Conan exiles (in its game previews state) as well as a few dlcs a while back on my xbox one but have now moved over to a xbox series x. However I am no longer able to reinstall any of it even with it being on game pass and it is wanting me to purchase it again. Please can you help.


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We’re sorry to hear you aren’t able to download the game.

Luckily, Xbox found a workaround! All you have to do is go to this link and download the game from there: Buy Conan Exiles | Xbox

Hope this helps :smile:

I had the a similar issue. I could download the dlc packs i purchased, but the base game could not be downloaded, and wouldn’t appear in my purchased games library.

I managed to install through the xbox app in the end. On your Xbox make sure that you have remote access turned on and link your xbox with the xbox app on your phone. Then in the app search for Conan in your library and you should get the option to install to Xbox.

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