Berry Juice Nerf?

I didn’t read it in the patch notes, so not sure if it was an intended change, but Berry Juice now only heals a small amount of thirst. I use to be able to pop 1 or 2 and be full, now I need to pop many like 5 to 8 to get back to full.

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It now fills only 1/10th not 1/2 like it used to.
Another useless resource in the game now.

Why should a sugary substance clench your thirst more than water?

Not quite. Here’s what happened.
Prior to the recent patch:

Berry juice refilled barely any thirst at all but cooled you down a little.
Berry pulp did not cool you down but refilled half your thirst.

These two seemed backwards, in terms of thirst restoration.

After the patch, they are reversed. Berry pulp restores very little thirst. Berry juice restores half your bar, on par with water.

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