Food and Drink recipes lacking. Juice not really worth the squeeze

We spend much time looking around the map for these recipes and MOST of them don’t do anything special.
Not to mention the time it takes to go get certain ingredients, and seeds in separate biomes.

So, I am curious as to why you made these difficult to get when some , most even just fill your hunger and regen a bit like steak.

I was very VERY excited about going out and getting all these ingredients but once I got home and looked up these recipes I have to say I was a little underwhelmed for the effort I put in.

Please think about adding more stat duration foods, or something to make this more worthwhile.

Also… why in heavens name is Bread made in the furnace and not where all the other food is cooked? At least put an icon in the furnace so new players recognize that food can be prepared there. Apparently you can cook bread from day one but my clan mates and I just discovered this at level 40!

I would also suggest having name pop ups over ingredients as well instead of just pictures so new players know what they are looking at. (Bonemeal for example.)

“Juice not really worth the squeeze”

It’s totally worth the squeeze! Juicing berries yields the best drink in the game for hydration.

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Refer to the first part of my topic. The second part is just a saying…

I agree. It is lacking, as well as inconsistent.
Such as some food being outclassed by others that use less ingredients that are more common…

Like Spiced Haunch healing 80 and Honey Jerky healing only 60, though it requires more ingredients as well as a thrall.

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