Best bow for archer thralls?

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Due to the constant phenomenon of my animal followers and human thralls been killed by a boss who appeared out of the blue or brought by a player few times outside of my castle 's walls out of nowhere I decided to use archer thralls from the top of the wall were can be safe from anyone.

What’s the best bow for archer thralls?

voidforged, crafted by bowmaker.

whats also fun, is to put archers high enough to shoot and be unreachable, you can even stock them with a mixture of healing and starmetal arrows, they heal ground fighters and do good dps. I always use that for purge events.

Wait wait wait … bows shooting arrows? From last time i tried there were bow animation but no arrow was fired.

Just go to bows and sort by damage or penetration. Reach of the Red Mother is the best combo of damage and armor pen. It also is pretty easy to get on either map.

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I like Splinter. Eye of Khan is also good. This is if you don’t have a Red Mother.

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:joy::joy::joy: how?!? I’ve killed that thing well over 200 times and only ever gotten it twice. I think you’re just really lucky man :joy:

Reach of the Red Mother is not “easy” to get. Her odds of dropping it are 3.75%.

For one archer thrall, that might be a viable option, but if you are equipping a gang of archers, then you’ll want a craftable bow.

Voidforge Bow would be the best, but it is Siptah-exclusive. The best craftable Exiled Lands bow is the Khari Bow.

Agreed on my current game in siptah i just grabbed grey one bows for all my archers.

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