Best Dungeons To Do?

What dungeons are the most rewarding? I heard about the volcano dungeon giving amazing recipes for weapons. Is that worth doing and what are some other ones that give good recipes/drops?

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Imo, I would say the warmakers dungeon is the best in the game. Gotta admit, it´s pretty hard, you will need a lot of healing and good equip. But you can get a lot of nice items, and recipes for 2 different amores, also you can loot legendary weapons.
Volcano is easy going. The hardest oponents are the ones at the forge, where you can craft obsidian weapons and stuff.
Another good dungeon is the black keep, where you fight Tyros and you can get the recipe for the silent legion armor. And …if you take the heart he drops, you can craft a pretty good sword :slight_smile:
Hope that will help you a bit, enjoy playing… and remember… survive…build…dominate :wink:

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