Best places to farm feral blood?

Where are the best places to farm feral blood?

Been a while, but my recollection is that the best place was the Villas (with lots of human mobs) dropping the offal creel…

Oh yes… The Offal Creel bag of lowest grade ingredients, which I dubbed “Awfull Creel” drops off of any type of mobs (even level 70+) in all areas except Khitai for some reason. Usually in it are Feral Blood, Wolf Meat and Scorpion Oils or Coal Oils. Best spots to farm are big amounts of mobs like Nobles District Nemedians between Conan’s Castle bridge and Armsman’s Tavern part, or behind Atzels Fortress and in Purple Lotus Swamp big groupings of Stygians (Deth Master Camps and East ruins in Kheshatta also great spot - get lots of those kits). Or you can kill Wolves/Wargs in Conalls Valley, Lacheish or Fotd for it - drop rate is meh but it drops.

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