What animals produce Feral Flesh?

Hello all, I am looking for feral flesh for my hyena, and I was wondering which animals drops it?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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Iā€™m going to assume Exiled Lands since Hyena are hard to get in Siptah ( better than aardwolves though imo). Easiest options are reptiles, cats, and other hyena I think.

This should help-

Thank you so much for your help m8 !!!

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@ZugzwangGroo ,All the attacking mobs give you feral flesh you just need to harvest with cleaver .
Starting River

around the map

Tigers , puma , etc ā€¦

maybe I forget one or two but you get the point .

Good luck m8 have fun

Very broadly speaking, you could just think of it as feral flesh comes from predator animals like cats and dogs and lizards, while the good thick, juicy steaks come from prey animals like gazelle, deer, humans, etc. :wink:

I never got anything else than human flesh from humans. And humans are predator not prey, even on the Exiled Land or the Siptah Island.

Yog says otherwise. :smiling_imp:

There are quite a number of animals that produce feral flesh and therefore no need for you to worry. Feral deer, goat, horse, pigs all produce have feral flesh.

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