Best way to heal HP

Hello everybody. What is the best way to heal HP now that food no longer heals? thank you


So you have your healing wraps and aloe drinks but I also have been using Lasting Feasts (formerly Lasting Meals)

They seem to give the best healing that I have figured out.

Hope this helps


To elaborate on the above answer…
Bandages heal more, but they have a long use animation that must not be interrupted. I strongly suggest against attempting to bandage while actively in combat
Potions heal a moderate amount, but do so fairly quickly and with a much shorter animation.

I don’t remember the weight break down off the top of my head.
I mostly stick with potions. If I’m safe enough that I have time to use bandages, it usually means I am safe enough to wait for the extremely slow sated heading to top me off. But your playstyle may be very different.

Also, healing arrows got a very hard nerf and are not the cloud of immortality they used to be.

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Healing Arrows are not worth the cost of making them. As mentioned the hp regen is very little and the healing cloud dissipates before any appreciable healing is received.

And I agree, the healing wraps/bandages animation is horrible, you cannot move and have to wait for the animation to be over to get the proper hp gain. (Basically it’s how you heal after the combat is over)

The aloe potion animation is better by not by much as you gain more health.


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In fact, I am of the opinion that these animations have ruined the pvp. I thought there was some chance of having something that could heal without animations. But from what I understand the only thing is the aloe potions and putting up with those seedy animations. thank you guys.

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