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So I’m trying to approach this with out being majorly upset with the frustration this causes.

Drink a potion, get interrupted, waste potion, no heal, die.
Use bandage, get interrupted, waste bandage, no heal, die.

Honestly there isn’t a healing option that works for solo/duo play. That’s not even getting into the fact that my character eats roughly 400 pounds of food a day for a terrible passive heal.

There has got to be a better system, please tell me you are working on it.

Edit: I mean seriously, why do I stop healing the second I take damage. It’s ludicrous!

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Firstly, thanks for being clear and trying to keep your frustration out of it - all too easy for people to default to ‘you ruined it’, without going into why, which helps no one.

As a fellow solo player, maybe I can offer some suggestions that may help. To be clear, I’ve only tried the new healing so far with a high level character that basically has everything, so I may not have experienced the hardest parts of the system yet.

What has worked best for me with the Aloe potions (I’ve mostly been just using the cheapest ones) is to roll/run a little way from the combat, start running in a circle (using any available terrain to make it harder for them to come straight to me). Enemies are slower, so it is possible to get a bit of distance, plus they tend to aim for where you were, not where you are going, so the circling keeps throwing them off. Knock back a potion while continuing to slowly walk in the circle - most times you actually gain just enough time from this technique that the animation ends and you’re free to move just as they are catching up to you (or as their attack misses behind you) - immediately sprint or roll as soon as the animation ends, try to stay ahead of them for a bit while healing and then turn and fight when you’re ready. This isn’t a perfect technique, I cut it too close in the volcano a few times yesterday and got hit before the animation finished, but I have used it successfully against groups of enemies in the Black Keep and the Volcano, against legendary Crocodiles, Rotbranches, Warmaker dungeon minibosses, the Red Mother etc. My best suggestion would be to maybe get a bit of practice, using the cheaper aloe extracts, fighting against weaker enemies that you know you can defeat and don’t really need the healing - that should help you get the technique working for when you do need it.

Secondary point - I don’t think the aloe potion healing is supposed to be interrupted by damage anymore - I think that changed in the latest patch (certainly it now heals through bleed) - which should make that a bit better for you.

Try to avoid using bandages in combat if you can - apparently the idea is that they are now more meant for healing up between combats, or running far enough away that they can’t get to you. With the aloe potions now healing through bleed, it should be less urgent to use bandages in combat.

The new healing has already been re-adjusted several times, and I’m sure is likely to continue changing for a while yet as they continue getting more information on players experiences with the current versions. I’m certainly hoping that there will be some more adjustments - I’d like to see bandages be a little more flexible, with the ability to cancel the animation (but that can cause balance issues for some of the other play types), and maybe have the aloe potion moving speed be a little faster (it does still feel very close, even when they do miss).

Hopefully there’s something in here that can help you :slight_smile:


Basically healing while actively fighting is over. Drinking the potion animation lasts literally 3 seconds, and once its consumed it does not interrupt. The highest level potion will completely heal you in 4 seconds even if you are almost dead. The trick is surviving the fight, and healing afterwards, or being very good at dodging/moving. If you cant sprint away and heal in 3 seconds, you might want to take up knitting.

1st clip. He even healed in between.

Healing has a learning curve now, so I understand your frustration, but its not as hard to heal in combat as you think, even as a solo player.
Easiest trick is to use your thrall to tank while you heal.
Other than that, use the AI’s stupidity against itself. They tend to lock into an animation which allows you to see their attack telegraph, dodge/roll, drink your potion and walk in such a way that their pathing is goofy and they cant begin another animation before you finish healing.
Multiple enemies is more difficult for sure, this is where a thrall is almost neccessary, but if youre careful, you can even walk in such a way that you can avoid hits from multiple enemies.

Try practicing a little vs some low level enemies, like a dafari camp if you cant get it down pat. Just craft a bunch of potions and practice drinking and avoiding their attacks as you walk around.


Knitting takes way more patience, practice and hand-eye-coordination than Conan Exiles. I’m better at playing CE than knitting.

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I’ve got a friend of mine who does knitting. I’m gonna quote this at them next time they complain about something being difficult in Conan. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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