Big Thank you to FC



I just wanted to personally thank you, I had a 40 slot server that was thriving and now sits at 0/40, I really appreciate you wasting my hard earned time and money. Weeks of time spent to build a community just to see it destroyed by ignorance. It’s now Nov 9th, 3 days after the event was suppose to end.

I certainly hope you plan on some kind of compensation, not that it really makes a difference but at the very least it will show you somewhat care.


brother I wrought an Post all most the exact same, about a week ago they will unlist this thread but know your not alone

the Door glitch is what got me


What server are you running and what are the rules? I’m not adverse to starting up a new character. If you’re looking for some new players to replace the ones you lost.


+1 agree people leaving every server these days. Event went too long…

Also why can folks jump on and walk on top of reinforced spike or black ice fences like they are a shelf you put on your walls? The top should repel as well right? If it has spikes on it you should damage and get knocked off!

Fix these same bugs since early access for christ sakes! (breathing, climbing, stamina, come on damn it!)


I just rented a server because of this issue, your welcome to play on my server we have a DisCord also for the server welcome to join any time.


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plus i keep up on the Upkeep and keep it ruining good


Thanks for the offer, but I’m saying our server is now on life support we are a large community with private servers on several games. We are use to ups and downs but this takes the cake.


There has been a rather notable influx of new blood on our official server. Servers have ups and downs, that’s life. And the game isn’t brand new anymore


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