OMG people What are you thinking

People have lives other then this broken game. i log on after being gone a little more than a week to find everything gone except a dancer. WTF are you thinking to wipe a players sh… that soon. i figured y’all aint the brightest putting out a broken game but this is a sure fire way to get people to say go F… yourself. Hell im no journalist but i do work with people at the washington post. i think I’ll ask one of their bloggers to write about this broken game that should have been in beta still and not sold like this. I dont know who owns funcom but i would be embarrassed.

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You were gone for more than a week and you’re complaining about the decay system?


Easiest Way: get some friend and get a server together, and change the decay timer :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you can’t be bothered to hop onto the game in over a week for 10 seconds to reset your decay timers, then it is your fault, not the game’s or the dev’s.

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I agree that a week is kinda short. I would like 2 weeks minimum. As the op said, some of us go on vacations or gave other obligations that could take us away for awhile. The clan/friend idea works but only if u find somebody trustworthy. In my experience they are rare.
On the flip side, the decay system is a very necessary mechanism. Just needs to be tweaked a bit.

they changed my post again. i guess the truth hurt. must have been his buddy

its fairly balanced as it is considering players can build in locations that cut off important resources. On my server we had a clan build a massive base over the water in the savanna area that cut the spawn of three rhino’s and the black rhino. I’ve seen builds over massive iron spawns so on and so forth. Why should you be accidentally or intentionally allowed to block spawns if you can’t even be bothered to log in. Not trying to be mean but other more active players could use the resources.

your right and i except that as part of the game. but to spend 100’s of hour only to have it wiped cause of work vaction or anything that could take you away in a week is asinine. every single person that plays this game at some point will be away for at least a week. so they should all be wiped. thats no way to keep people interested

Lol, after this last update i can’t play online AT ALL, anymore, these people are truely incompetent.

Why not restrict building in areas like you mention, rather than play ignorant like funcom does in so many other situations.