What you doing whit 2208 PvE-C AL server, this is my 3 ticket


This is my third time writing a topic and ask the same inssue, its take more than 10 days whitout a simple response.

The server comeback today, but my character is gone, when i enter in the server, create character appeared …

Where is my character? Where is my stuffs, my bases?

More than 600 hours in the server until you take off the server for more than 10 days…

FUNCOM, when you go fix this mess?

Or you don’t take care whit your community?

I spend hours and hours in the server, and spend a lot of money in your game pass, DLC, bazar… to be take like an idiot for you?

This my last dance in this forum, i’m going now to the others social medias to make the same explanation about this mess.


@JoaoMagalhaes you are posting in discussions. Forum people don’t necessarily read these post under Xbox bugs or make a Zendesk report. Good luck Exile :+1:

Thx bro

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No problem :blush:

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Thanks dude!

How do you post under xbox bugs? I’m not too clever with technology. Been having problems but don’t know if i’m doing things right to get it sorted

As being tech savvy I am not. I going to look and hopefully find my back hear