Birds in animal pens should lay eggs

Seems self explanatory. Birds are weak animal companions. This would give them value.


they do drop feathers which are useful for making arrows… and dung for making compost instead of relying on rotting meat.

Most creatures produce dung, so this in no way makes birds useful.

Feathers are incredibly easy to acquire, as they are a common junk drop. They can also be found in 250 or 500 stacks from tier II bearers’ Supply Materials if you really need a lot of arrows.

Eggs could be added as a randomly possible product, but since they decay, I don’t know that it would actually work very well.

Not much excuse for Gossamer not being produced by spiders though…


wasn’t trying to imply that it was a great way to gather a resource. in fact aside from the dung, the rate of resource… ahem… DROP… is rather mediocre.

I’ve got a rocknose slowly chewing through a stack of stone gradually producing a minimal amount of ironstone and crystal. A pair of spiders for ichor, and a pair of birds for feathers. can i get more at one time by harvesting or unlocking packs? sure. but i don’t have to harvest or unlock packs to get a supplemental ‘income’ of those materials.

I’m looking at what it provides as a positive vs. as a negative.


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I hear you with the decay consideration. There really needs to be a better way to get eggs. Could treat birds in pens as fishtraps. Feed the birds worms and then they produce eggs?

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or cubs been produced from sabers…

I could see birds laying eggs, at least one of the variants. I think there are like 3 of each kind of bird. It’s not a real stretch. Other egg layers in game are crocs and shalebacks.

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