Black Cove Rum recipe?

Hi. I got specialist brewing 3 along with Vlad’s secret recipe but no Black cove rum recipe. Is it not in game yet or am I missing something?

What do you mean with “Black cove”? Brewing III has no such a thing:

You can find the stuff when you kill npcs in flotsam. gets you drunk.

I’m assuming they want to brew it themselves for the drunk buff… can’t help there. Not sure where to learn the recipe.

Might be in Pirate cooking though. Which you find near “Razor Gord” Npc, on a nearby table.

Again I’m not sure :confused:

At least I found the Wiki page to it:

But doesnt say anything about whereabouts… but I can check in 2 hours if I found sth like that.

Tried that as well. Seems to be a drop item only currently.

Found it in Flotsam. There is this camp where the Pirate Queen is on top.
At ground level there is an old/small wooden chest. Entry to it is left of the stairs, then little bit left and then right. Its between cages.

Will check it out today

It can be in different boxes. Last time, there was 0 in the basement box, but one close before the top of the pirate base and in the top chest also.

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