Anyone else not finding Hannah the Broker?

I went into Sepermeru and found Conan and talked to him. According to the wiki, Hanna the Broker should just be a few feet from him, but could not find her.

The server I’m playing on has quite a few mods, so possibly cause by one.

So are other people finding this merchant?

I’m wanting to buy the recipe for Ice Tea, was thinking this merchant could sell it to me, but maybe there is another way to get the recipe?

You need to have a T3 or higher cook at your Stove, and they should be able to make it:

Note that you may need to have learned Specialist Cooking III first:

They moved the merchants towards the prison area of the city. As Larathiel mentioned though, you need a T3-T4 cook to craft it and the merchant only sells crafted tea, not the recipe. The easiest T4 cook to get probably is the lone fisherman which spawns on the little island behind Conan’s tavern. It has a pretty high spawn rate :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the responses. After writing this, I did some research on my own.

Seems most, but not all T3-T4 cooks give you the ice tea recipe. My luck was that I had one of the few that did not :slight_smile:

I have a spare cook in a storage box, it just might do the job.

So looks like the wiki could use an update on this topic.

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