Specialist Brewing III

I noticed on the Conan Exiles wiki page that their is a new Specialist Brewing recipe. According to the wiki page, it is found in chest beneath the Black Galleon. It is supposed to give 4 beverages (Desert Grog, Desert Rum, Jungle Grog, and Jungle Rum).

I had not seen anything about his in any updates and I have had a chance to look for it in the game. Does anyone know anything about this? Or if it is even true?

yes, it is. people have found it. a lot of new stuff was introduced with this update, not everything might be fully updated in the wiki.


Hi Adam006 and welcome to our community! I can absolutely confirm that Specialist Brewing III does indeed exist, and is currently implemented in the game. I found it myself over the course of the weekend, in a chest located in a small cave beneath the Black Galleon. Slthough it can be a bit tricky to find.

Go to the cave located beneath the Black Galleon, and after loitering around briefly, you will see a ghost climbing up a wall inside the cave, towards a ledge with a Large Chest. Follow it for the first leg of the climb. Please note that this is not the chest the recipe appears in, but part of the trail of bread crumbs. Now climb up to a ledge with 2 Black Hand pirates, one of which is performing the ‘chicken’ emote. You may recognise this as the hull/underbelly of the ship. That is only the second leg. From here climb even further up the walls of the cave to a third and final, well obstructed ledge with a low ceiling (you will need to be crouched to make your way around it). In here you will see a Journal, a dead body dressed in Heavy Armour, and an unusual looking black chest. Interact with the chest and it will deposit a recipe sheet into your inventory. Now simply read it. Specialist Brewing III is now yours!

If you have any follow up questions, please feel free to ask. Good luck.



Also thx for the tips. Will get that tonight :slight_smile:

My pleasure jot29, glad to be of service. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a cave beneath the Black Galleon ? How do you enter it ?

There are two ways @Wolfrider4594. The first is to go down to where its main entrance, what I dubbed the the first leg where the climbing ghost appears. It is at the absolute bottom of the cliff/ravine, on the same level as the river/creek. Simply walk around the Black Galleons perimeter. The second way will start you out on the second leg. For this method, simply board the Black Galleon as you normally would using one of the two bridges on either side of it (deck level). From here make your way ‘downstairs’ to the lower level (the hull) where the Priests are located. Then approach the open ledge where the Black Hand performing the ‘chicken’ emote was standing. This is the aforementioned second leg of the leg/ledge of the climb. Do you know one I mean? From either starting point, climb upwards until you reach the third, low ceilinged ledge with the chest, journal and body.

Do you know the two points I am trying to convey here Wolfrider? If not then please let me know and I will try to explain it further and if necessary upload some screenshots for you.

I mostly run from the river up, but I dont know where or what you mean…

There are 2 ways (for me). One between 2 tents with 1 NPC each and the other between rocks and some rocknoses, where on top there are some tents.
The first way, you have to run way back to some sand-vesps.

It is tricky both to explain, and find at first jot29. EITHER of those routes you mentioned will place you close to the entrance. If you open your map, you will see that the river splits off into 2 forks around the mini island/foundation which the Black Galleon itself is built upon, then rejoins ito a single river beyond it. Like this:
The cave enterance on the lowest level, just further down from the tents. Walk around the outside of the Galleons foundation the small island the river forks around on the map. Or alternatively, you could try to start from ledge two outlined in my above post (where the Yog and Mitra priests spawn).

Does this make sense for you jot29? If not I am happy to upload some screenshots for you in the morning.

I will find it for sure… but there is a cave entrance? Never saw such a thing…

This are the 2ways I mentioned…

On the boat island rockface… you have to look up to see it and climb to enter.
Or go into the boat… fight to lowest level (where cooks and priests spawn) and climb up the edge of the dropoff…

20190723181535_1 20190723181539_1


I found the reinforced Steeltruncheon in a chest at the oder side of the recipe.

It has only 3.5kg, compared to 4.2 of the Steel truncheon. Also 750 durability, instead of 450.

Yes that is it! Thankyou ErikShon. And I am glad that you have found it jot29. I should add for the record that I did not find the reinforced Steel Truncheon when I made the climb. Very interesting, I will have to have another look.

Ps-did anyone else find killing ‘chicken man’ very rewarding? His constant clucking while I was searching and climbing was very annoying.

Thanks for the explanation. With screenshot I think I can find it. From the second screenshot I think I saw the entrance but I wasn’t sure if it was a glitch or not and I didn’t want to get stuck if it was. At that time I had to much in my inventory I didn’t want to lose if I had to kill myself because I got stuck by a glitch.
I’ll try to explore the other way. I prefer to not have to kill everybody so I can explore quietly. And the Black galleon isn’t the place where NPCs are the nicest with me.

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