Black ice arrows?

Hi, could someone explain how come improving hardsteel arrows to black ice arrows is actually making them weaker? Hard steel arrow is 17/17 and black ice 15/14. Am I missing something or is FunCom doing its thing?


Some one posted on this a few weeks ago. No response from Funcom That I have read.


Thanks, sestus2009

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You are very welcome. Currently playing on Siptah definitely will not craft black ice arrows other than for a test after next update.

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If they gonna address it, that is…:joy:


True. Looking back at yellow lotus potion took forever still concerned about what it does.

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Yellow Lotus, what does it do now?

okay it didn’t wipe out my special knowledges THIS TIME… is it fixed
or was i just lucky?

I don’t know, nobody knows…

don’t use the yellow pots, too scary…
the level of random around here is getting crazy.

is it bad coding or Machiavellian game design???

/voice from the void/:
“its legacy bugs bugs bugs…”

If Conan Legacy Bugs had a face it would be this guy:

you thought I was gone, but like a Legacy bug, I’m always somewhere…

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Damn right not going to risk still have ancestors knowledge from Exiles if I want to reset

Yellow Lotus potion now grant a stamina bonus… Which makes no sense :slight_smile:



LOL, aw that’s amazing!! :grinning: :smiley: :rofl:

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I have yellow lotus growing all over our site might have to put a Golums to work.

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