Black Yeti Protector broken or low chances?

The Conan Exiles wiki states that a black yeti protector is automatically given when you put a heart of the sands in the box. That is obviously no longer correct. I’ve made over a dozen attempts to get a black yeti protector without success. Does anyone know what the chances of getting one are or even if this is broken or bugged?


The wiki states a 20% chance for the Boon of the Black Yeti, and an 80% chance for Hanuman’s Gift. Probably just bad rng


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Don’t be too disappointed if you did not get one.
Probably bad RNG, but not worth the hassle, they are pretty weak, slow, and die easily.

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There seems to be some inconsistency. If you look up black yeti protector directly it says it’s automatically given. But if you look up Hanuman’s Grotto it gives you the chances for each type of ape. I’m assuming the black yeti protector page just hasn’t been updated in a while. Black Yeti Protector (Pet) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Sucks for what?
The fun of it?

It’s entirely possible it’s just a wording error. The wiki is after all unofficial and anyone is free to contribute towards. That being said, it would be reasonable to update the individual pages with the chances listed. I can go ahead and add those values for future reference now

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It is very poor in combat. Its attacks are slow, lack crowd control, easily miss, and it is vulnerable to stunlocks.

It is cool as base decoration though.

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These specialized pets, like the frost giant bodyguard, are as disappointing as 90% of the legendary items dropped.

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The Frost Giant’s bodyguard isn’t that bad, at higher level he can defeat most of the bosses, he can’t be interrupted or knocked back by them. He gets along easily with a group of human npc.

Frost Giant is definitely better than Black Yeti, but still not really “good.”


I think those are awesome. Not everything can be “meta” :slight_smile:
Your advice with “it sucks anway” was just too silly, thats why i commented :slight_smile:

what really annoyed me about the yeti is they dont have their ranged stone throw attack, like what the holy hell! if they had ranged stone throws I would use them as archers.

I’m not the one who said that. I just gave the reasons why it isn’t very good.

Lol. I messed up on the damn phone XD

I got one on my first go with the Heart of the Sands thingy. I was super excited to try it out only to find that my T1 thrall outdamages it with steel weapons lol. It currently sits on my map room

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