Bloodmoon Beast Siptah 1 shot kills

So both from summoning at Grey Ones Pools and also from the storm. Leveled Beserkers get killed in one hit from the blood vomit attack.


It’s fine. Actually it should loot your equipment too and then double jump away.


i run tests and this is absolutly not true! I don’t understand how you can claim something like this, when it is perfectly balanced. And i don’t know why you even use thralls to kill npcs. you can use a spear which is op and just destroy your npc enemies. i think if anything a nerf to spear should be a thing. not to the bloodmoon. plus if the PvE is too strong and your thralls are dying why don’t you give them the last stand perk??? and some good food to heal faster.

and the worst is that this is the second report done about this major bug for siptah Siptah Blood Moon Beast One-Hit Killing (Not Part of Kurak Dungeon) - PC Discussion / PC Bug Reports - Funcom Forums

siptah is not conan exiles, and on siptah there is no kurak dungeon, on siptah the bloodmoon beast is a farming ressource needed to do surge!!! so there is no way to have the bloodmoon kill you in one shot on siptah, can funcom kindly acknowledge that they understand there is a problem and make us know that report is received ? @Community

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Nah :wink:
It’s not the second one.

Here, even solved the mystery in this one :stuck_out_tongue:


lol even worst :frowning: funcom @community, can you kindly think to give a retribution to xevyr to did the job and make task so easy :slight_smile:

I like the approach, but it would be better if it sent you to Valhalla with the double jump first,
then it spurts blood on you and after that it runs away with your stuff.

I obviously should have searched before reposting this bug. Nice work Xevyr! You are a huge asset to this game and community


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