Blood Moon Beast Killing Everything

Xbox official Siptah NA 2131
We’ve attempted the Blood Moon Beast at the pools of the Grey Ones and the fight is impossible like the beast that spawns in Kuraks Dungeon on exiled lands. Killed four level 20 Thralls all with over 5K health and 1800+ armor with one blood ball attack. I’m sure this can’t be intentional as it was defeat-able prior to the last hot fix and said beast is an important resource for the Isle of Siptah map and partaking in surges. Please let us know if this is something being worked on.
Thank you


Just adding that the Blood Moon Beast has Killed eight Thralls similarly equipped at level 20 in the two attempts we have tried.
Thanks again

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Have not attempted yet yesterday I read it could be a issue between Exiles and Siptah server’s.

Having to do with the mission in Exiles vs Siptah. Have not run into either one yet since Sorcery came out. You can send a Zendesk report at Funcom Zendesk. Com give plenty of information.

My wife and I may attempt to check on our private server. Tomorrow

Its a bug, dont go near the blood moon beast untill its fixed, its a mechanic on the new dungeon on exile land but it also affected the siptah versions.


This happened to us. My favorite part was how the attack didn’t even animate. The beast just stood there menacingly and said “omae wa mou shindeiru.”


It’s putting out like 100k damage in one hit due to the exiled lands dungeon. They messed up and changed the attack on the beast instead of changing the actual beast in the dungeon to its own version… thereby affecting every version of it.

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Please fix this on Siptah @Funcom . We shouldn’t have to cheese the Blood Moon Beasts on Siptah to acquire the lightning chaos. Pleeeeease :pray::bowing_man:


Getting flagged because I posted a solution to this problem. Automated forum moderation and users flagging random posts has gone too far.

Yes, we know you like to play Robin Hood, but it’s not a solution, it’s called a workaround. The solution would be to fix the Blueprint of the Blood Moon Beast.


And I got flagged because I called someone out over being completely unhelpful (and already 3 likes on my comment). So yeah… that’s the way it is. It just takes one person to flag you and you get a warning. Some days you get flagged for upsetting someone… somehow. I just ignore it at this point. No point in walking on eggshells for one person.


Do flags mean anything? I got flagged for a half written post due to intoxication and hunger, forgot to edit it. I can understand why that was flagged.

I also got flagged for a joke. I know what year it is, but are people really so sensitive about anything?

I’m aware that this post may also be flagged for asking a question :joy:

Eh, I imagine if you get flagged frequent enough, mods can take action, but as I understand, it’s mostly due to someone disagreeing with you or feeling overly sensitive. Every so often, it’s a result of being off topic, but since it only takes a single person to flag your post, I wouldn’t hold it as a real big issue. All it does is make me double check my post. If it didn’t seem that offensive, I’m not gonna change it. It can remain hidden for all I care.

I had it happen on siptah also. It one shotted my lvl20 accursed berrzerker that had 4k health before it one shotted me. I used to whoop that thing though a tough fight but forget it now. I avoid that area now as it has been bugged since the golem update.

This happened to me and a clanmate yesterday at the summon pools, I love it when funcom just decides that a bug is now the norm. Let’s get this one reverse it makes no since having instakills in this game as is. If people want more difficult play they can solo everything or make their own server.

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