When they fix blood moon beast?

the blood moon beast on siptah with the new one shot mechanic?

What needs fixing?

the one shot mechanic they did bring in with the new exiled lands dungeon…
the blood moon beast was originaly in siptah. but funcom was to lazy to test it

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Game is working fine.

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lol of course. they deserve it

The one shot mechanic seems to work fine. Kills with one shot. It makes the game more threatening and dangerous.

maybe if u play the new dungeon. but it one shoots thralls, horses and players. this was not intended to be on siptah i guess


Why is it not intended to be on Siptah? Seems to work fine. I guess I’m not understanding the problem.

no reason to kill blood moon beast now if u lose all your stuff. The mechanic didnt exist since years on siptah but with new dungeon in exiled lands including the same blood moon beast they destroyed it on siptah?


Well, yes, there is a reason if you want his stuff like the Blood-Moon Chakram or Blood-Moon Bow.

Yes, Funcom is adding more content to the Conan Exiles game.

Well, according to the description on the Wiki page,
A Blood-Moon Beast is a creature in Conan Exiles on the Isle of Siptah and via a ritual on the Exiled Lands.

Where he spawns?
A Blood-Moon Beast spawns in and during the Maelstrom as long as certain conditions are met. It also spawns on the top spire in The Fractured Citadel on the Isle of Dusk.

Can spawn in E11 after doing a certain amount of steps.

So as you can see, he is new content, very dangerous, deadly, drops some interesting items, and offers a challenge to players if they want to engage him. Still not seeing a problem (other than not being able to defeat him). If you don’t want his stuff, don’t fight him. If you do want his stuff, you might want to bring friends to help out because, like you pointed out, he can one-shot anything that comes against him.

TLDR: challenging does not equal ‘needs fixing’

It sounds like the issue is the one-shot mechanic in the dungeon on the Exiled map is also happening on the Siptah map, where the mob should be killable.

This sounds like it was clearly an unintentional change. In the dungeon, it was done as a penalty for taking too long to complete the dungeon. Not an attempt to make him more “challenging” or whatnot.


Sorry, I don’t see those two elements as connected.

One-shot mechanic = he kills you with one shot
Killable = can be killed by you

Just because he can kill you (a player) with one shot does not mean he cannot be killed. If you are saying he cannot be killed, then yes, that’s a problem. But if you are saying he is difficult to kill because of his one-shot mechanic, then no, that’s a difficulty issue (game design choice, not a malfunction with the game itself).

PS: to your last amendment:
If indeed this was a mechanic to completing the dungeon, then yes, that’s a game design issue.

It was a mechanic designed specifically as a consequence for failing to complete the dungeon within a certain amount of time. It was not done to make him “harder”.


Thank you, @jockhorror and @Megaton238. That was a wonderful discussion about the Blood Moon Beast and Funcom’s game design. I look forward to hearing what @Community (Funcom) has to say on this issue going forward.


What OP was trying to say is that there was an update not long ago that intended to change the Blood Moon Beast inside of Kurak’s Lair on Exiled Lands, so that it can no longer be “survived” by having the Steel Thewed perk.

The way they did this is by swapping out the ~100 damage Acid debuff on his blood wave attack to one that does ~100k… (10k 10 times in a quick succession).

However what they overlooked is the fact that while every other relevant element of the two NPCs was duplicated and separately tuned… this one part was still shared with the Siptah one… so that unintentionally inherited the change to the 100k debuff… as such, the Siptah one now instantly kills every thrall / horse / anything under 20-30k health (armor mitigation applies to that 100k)
Players can still kill it ofc, unlike the Kurak one, since none of its other attacks are buffed and it takes damage just like before, but nonetheless, it is clearly unintentional and a bug.


Thanks for clarifying this. I’m not sure @Bodin understood… or he was being facetious? :roll_eyes: none of the bloodmoon items are worthwhile enough for the risks taken to defeat it. They’re not really top tier compared to easier to acquire items.


In the Meantime i was Able to kill the Blood Moon Beast Alone while putting my horse and thrall on scouting.

I was using Outer Dark Greatsword and Poison 1H axe. The only 1 Shoot attack is when he "Rise his Hands, forms and bubble and drop it. This must be dodged. but it is ez just check his hands :slight_smile:

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when someone pretends to not understand the point being made…


and i thought i didnt understand it. he almost got me^^

Heh, sorry to burst the conspiracy, but I genuinely wasn’t getting the original point. Though I do enjoy facetious humor and use it to make points, in this case, I was just, plain slow.

I really did enjoy the civil discussion with a polite exchange of ideas. Again, my compliments to you all. (genuinely expressed – not sarcasm or facetious in intent)