Blunt arrow / bow suggestion

the bow damage should improve the knockout effect of blunt arrows, not the damage to health.

currently these arrows are useless because if we use better boes, we kill the thralls instead of knocking them out.
The only workaround is to use a low damage bow, but that feels just wrong.

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they work well as is

I agree with Corspa, the blunted arrow should do more stun damage than health damage regardless of Bow.

I have tried to KO a thrall that has been fighting a mob, and have killed it even with the starting wooden bow, because I didn’t know it’s health was so low.

So having the bow’s effect transfer to KO damage on blunted arrows seems reasonable.

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I keep hearing about bows killing thralls with blunted arrows
Like I said I use them and it never happened, do you mount blunted weapon fittings on a bow?

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