Bombs vs foundations

so I’m on an official pvp server and almost everything is blocked off so if I want to go to the mound of the dead it costs me 20 to 30 bombs only to have the clan that blocked it show up and rebuild in a few seconds then its another 20 bombs to get out. It’s not just there its everywhere brimstone 20 bombs . Buccaneer bay 50 bombs at least. I’ve reported them but it seems that because its pvp its ok . The problem is they can make foundations ten times faster than I can make bombs. It also limits when I can go to these places only during damage time. This isn’t only a problem on my server its alot of pvp official servers. I’m not posting to complain but looking for a solution. I’ve tried trebuchets but the problem with that is two things one the same as with bombs time to trebuchet the walls vs time to rebuild two trebuchet are easy to destroy and takes an hour to get a new one going again. Any thoughts?

Find allies. Attack from multiple directions, and when you get through, kill the people to stop them from repairing the walls.

Or wait until they’re offline.

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Change server:)

We attack them every day but as soon as we are gone they rebuild. My problem is more with time and resources it takes to destroy a foundation vs the time and resources it take to build one

I play this game from its release. Most of the time I spent on official servers, thinking that this is most hardcore experience. I would say it doesnt give hardcore experience, it gives you just pain, because there is always someone that want to ruin everyones gameplay, because it is fun. People even can’t think about the consequencies of their decisions. They do those toxic buildings until no one left on the server, then move to other ones. So, I found good private servers where nice admins make play from everyone inetersting. Then I just forgot about official server nonsense. So my advice, switch to private servers.


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