Damage to safes. Official servers . Bases in textures

Damage to safes. 2 damage from trebuchet, 20 damage from spheres per second. Barrels of 7,000 damage. Funcom you saw the official pvp server? all is strewn with safes, because they can not really be destroyed. Nobody will spend 100 + barrels on a safe, because one clan has 6-10 of them. The cost of making it is very easy. Play your game, you do not even know how people will get level 60 in 6 hours of play. The gods are useless. Slaves, too.

FPS on official servers is now from 5 to 15. Soon it will be even lower, ping 250 +.
Bases in textures, where you can only get through the bed.
I’m tired of telling you about the mistakes and seeing that you are not doing anything.

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