Bonafide Trade system for PVE Servers

Honestly, I am surprised this wasn’t a thing already… Many online games have a system in place for this.
Since the MOAP, you can no longer drop an item to give to another player. I think this is an opportunity to resolve by making a tick marker in Server Settings (trade system : Yes No) and allow people to trade directly instead of dropping things on the ground.

After the patch, you can only put items in a corpse, for another person to retrieve which is pretty bogus.


A basic player trade mechanic would be much appreciated. I’m always worried that when I put something on the ground for another player that it despawn or someone will run by and grab it.


I agree, this would make trading so much more immersive. Almost every time I drop a loot bag for someone to pick up I worry it might just despawn before they can catch it. If the recipient is suddenly afk, or lost in his inventory that can happen.

Also it would be nice if we could choose to keep individual boxes unlocked, like with the doors. One could then have “trading chests”.

I definitely agree with this.

Interact with player (as in pressing “E”) -> Trade -> A “split window” pops up where both parties can place their goods in, so both see that everything is fine -> Accept/Cancel Trade button -> done.

So far I only traded with players I trust, because it’s too unsafe for my liking

Though it would be nice for everything that is auto-locked on PvE Servers.
Would like to place an unlocked Fridge or Chest in my “Inn”, so that people could enjoy it with some drinks and food even when I’m not nearby.

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Heck even if we could have some sort of trading chest that all players can access in PvE/PvE-C…

But yeah just a simple basic trading window would be cool… (And for PvP being attacked while in a trade just causes all items in said trade window to drop to the ground to be looted would also be a nice touch.)

Yeah I’d like to be able to unlock chests for other players to access too.

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