Bonus From Armor +5

I really don’t know how to turn this into a long, drawn out suggestion. Just as I’ve stated in the title, I feel having the bonus as a +5 would be more well rounded. I know this is just my OCD kicking in, but nevertheless, there it is.

Cheers, folks.

I don’t understand the suggestion.

Basic armor sets already provide +5 to an attribute.
Exceptional sets provide +7 and Flawless +9. For the most part, anyway - there are exceptions.

Are you saying all sets should only provide +5?

Interesting, I’m only getting +4, +6, +8. Perhaps an Xbox bug? I’m suggesting +5 to each armor. So +5, +10, +15. Although, I believe that may make for a over-powered character.

Sounds like a bug or you’re wearing only 4 pieces from the sets. I’m on PC so I can’t check it out myself.

They’d likely have to do some rebalancing if they changed it to +5, +10 and +15.

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I’m on PS4 and the medium armor gives me +5 encumbrance if I wear all five pieces.