Bookshelves and Double Doors please

I doubt that I’ll ever really be able to let this topic go, especially since I just saw something important (and devastating) that I missed, that being the watchers bookshelf… seriously… why was /that/ of all things a limited time item when there are no actual bookshelves in the game? That is just… monstrous T^T

Also… still waiting for double doors sized smaller than gates but bigger than the single doors we have right now, especially since gates are too big to use on the castle builds that I’ve made because of the building size limits


Speaking about castles and building limits is oxymoron. Now if @Jimbo will come and comment here, he would be the bad guy again.
We want double size doors because…
They look awesome and they are more practical and logical when our follower is following inside the house, base you name it. All our builds must be double door because of this. Saying to our followers to not follow inside our house is not an option, having double door frames is a workaround not a solution.

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ARK has double doors and bookshelves. I haven’t found a good use for them, so is this just for aesthetics?

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I build almost every build with double door frames so if my thrall will stand in front of one to pass from the other without ordering it to “move”, that’s why double doors. Other than that imagine a big frame (door frame), covering 2 blocks than one, now again imagine it arched, how beautiful would this be, it’s just a win win for the game, that’s all.

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Sounds like a new DLC on the way. :wink:

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To me, yes this is just for looks. I like building castles but they either never look as grand on the entry as I would like or I use a gate and its just too large for my liking (because I’m picky)

I’ve been waiting for double doors for the last several dlc’s, I’m actually surprised they haven’t been added yet especially with the medieval themed ones.


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