Boots that cancel fall damage, Gloves that radiate light! And a face mask that applies water breathing!

It would be amazing if we had 3 difficult bosses that each had a chance to drop these awesome items, I often find the items that have these various effects cant be used in all situations… weapons that have water breathing cant be held while building, the weapons that act as a torch limit you to 2 handed. And a pair of boots that can cancel fall damage is just… well… a worthy thing to fight for:)


There’s already an Agility perk that reduces fall damages. And we can craft Climbing boots and Gloves after visiting the Mountaineer. With both of that it’s rare to fall when climbing and when we fall it’s easier to stop it before taking any damages.
But I’m all for Gloves radiating light if it attract the attention of all the hostile critters around. Because of all that light radiated by your gloves, they’ll see you well before you can see them.
Why a face mask to breathe underwater ? There’s potions to do that.

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I’ve noticed in the server I run that people like it for the fact they save on attribute points because of the various settings.
An item that lessens the need for agility must appeal to some,

The water breathing potions are all very well. But building can take your concentration. And having to repeat doses can be irritating. Even with the new dragons breath potion that lasts 10 minutes.

And obviously the light source item … well I think its useful to that it wont be a weapon it will be the gloves. Leaving weapon choice free :slight_smile:

In the End, its all about more UNIQUE LOOKING, useful and fun armor that people want to grind for.

YEAH that is a no for me. We had that with cat like, and it basically had HALO jumpers into any base.

Even if they did the current cat like, it defeats the choices we have to make when building out a character for a mining/harvesting/fight/scout run.


Not sure what cat like is tbh but Halo is a totaly different game :p. I guess it depends on what your looking for. For those wanting a buffed server with no stamina drain I guess having more points for damage health and emcumb is desired :p. Grit becomes needless. Eh I dont know . Call it a whim but I feel theres to many various kinds of players all wanting different things. So having them there is only going to be a help. Those who dont want them dont have to use them. But it doesnt lessen their usefulness for those who do :slight_smile:

Actually, if you combine cat like perk with these boots you’re suggesting, its going to be all over again the problem we had some time ago, players on PvP servers can build towers and jump from it to high bases, so no, it won’t help the game at all man, sorry.

To reduce fall damage, ppl must spent points in agility, its balance.


HALO is reference to jumping.

Opening sky diving done by military and spec ops.

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You clearly understand the principle of balancing. I understand that this was an example you made with the weapon variable. So maybe a bamboo snorkel could help us here. To let us swim underwater near the surface and horisontally faster, but doesn’t bless us with grand durability. Some type of diving gear to allow deep dives, but with remarkably slower speed. Going too fast down without proper gear would give us the diver’s disease.

A quarterstaff with a glowstone on the other end. Staff wouldn’t be able to kill anyone nor hit unconscious (defense / pacifist style weapon), but merely redirect (parry?) targets and bestowing them a speed debuff of couple seconds during them turning around.

This could be fun, but as a balance measure the boots could come with a speed debuff. Use them to feather fall, but movement is restricted to hiking speed.

All the ideas and examples are good!
These items dont have to be exactly easy to acquire eather. It could be completion gear that you have to run through the entire game at least once to acquire. Then it becomes possible to get them on your next run.

There is RIP tide the javelin . It gives you unlimited water breathing. But you cant build while wielding it, with a helm that gives you water breathing. A face mask of some kind. The only real use will be for using underwater for building or exploring. I dont see it being at all OP.

As for the torch effect. Jedias greatsaber. And the forgelight maul both do it. Both are good damage. But maybe we want a shield an a sword. Or a different weapon effect. Having glow gloves would definitely help with alot… especially building at night when the nights not sped through like our server.

As for the boots. Hey now it was just an idea… as admin of a server I see alot of people wanting to boost combat skills up an have to take potions less. Having the boots that cut the need for more grit or agility must appeal to some more applied players. But as I say. Just ideas !! . Heck. The boots could be boots of levitation. Another completion only item
That enable you to fly but only for building and not during combat and in certain areas.

Thank you for your oppinions guys I do love a good discussion :stuck_out_tongue:

I got this idea. Instead of a level up system that just gets stuck at certain issues (e.g. the potion), let us define our character thorough what we don’t want them to be able to do; an option we can turn on and off from the server settings. If we want to be able to do everything, there would be a mutually exclusive option for that too.

Multiple ways to play may draw attention of multiple interests.

That indeed is a great way to put it into far less words, the novelty and pleasure of owning such an item. and of course the difficult grind to get it. Is always a bonus as well :).
But essentially the idea to appeal to every form of player is the admins responsibility.

The idea appealing to me also is just another good reason to talk about it in a place like this !!.

I feel that rewards like this would have to bring in new bosses to? But that’s another topic for me :slight_smile:

I kind of agree that cancelling out damage completely would be a mistake. It could make it way easier to raid for sure. Also, it would take out that fear of falling that makes getting to the top of that cliff so rewarding lol.

I could be on board with something like a breathing mask. I mean, if the sandstorm mask cancels out that damage, something like a breathing mask doesn’t feel too far fetched.

There’s craftable underwater breath potions at the cauldron. The best last for 10 minutes from its description in the CE wiki. Its recipe could be learned in the Sunken City.
If you want to play an easy game where you don’t take damages for falling from a cliff or you can breath at will underwater, why you don’t try solo play with GOD mode and infinite stamina enabled ?

i get where your coming from of course, but in my server i tend to use god mode anyway, but before when i ran the game the normal way, i could see both angles toward these items in this suggestion i made :slight_smile:
i frequently hear the people who also have been everywhere on the exiled lands, done everything collected everything, wanting to experience more admin like qualities, without changing server!

And with the right requirements, and items, that could be possible without admins like myself giving the password.

and besides what i have suggested is not exactly a god mode they are useful items that would be available to people after a certain event, boss, completion, heck i don’t know, its an idea :slight_smile:

All those ideas sound very DND archtypes of ‘magic items’ that seem very out of place. If we have a magic item in the game I would want it be immersive with a the very realish mythic world of conan.

something like a sword that becomes coated with fire on command, and only doing that at night.

Its not just how much magic or realism, a evil sorcerer summoned a big demon ape to attack conan in one of the stories. Whatever magic should be something very mysterious, divine, primal or demonic, no dandy harry potter or dnd things. I want a cloak of shadows not invisibility. I want to throw a spear at someone and it changes into a giant snake, something like that.

While on it, magic is kind of limited, and would be cool if a person could get some sorcerer powers something else between the items crafted at alters and super powerful avatar nukes that fit with the world but if it is going to be done wrong I wouldn’t want it in.

Just hold riptide if you’re building underwater

I say nope to this. I am for unique drops but they must be Conan-esque in nature then. Like a sword with high (highest?) damage that also gives you corruption. Gloves that glows is a bit silly imo. Unless they are made of worms that must chew on the hands in order to glow, generating damage to the wearer.