BOOTY SLIDER. I’m back again lmao

I concur. But the arses aren’t good on either sex.

I usually have a female toon online, but have a male for trying things out in single player. When I’m single player, my wife often asks why my toon has no arse. :joy:

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Armor tends to do that. Whether it’s medieval plate armor or modern day ballistic vests. Boob-shaped armor tends to look dumb, in my opinion.

But armor, and clothes, are probably the reason why we won’t get a booty slider or more varied body shapes. Even though there’s at least some interest in Funcom to do that, the amount of work required to fit every wearable item to every body shape is massive.

I hope they’ll manage to find a way to do that some day. (As I said in another thread, AI-assisted developer tools can possibly solve that in nearer future than we suspect.) It can’t hurt to let them know we’d love to have more variety.

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They would be more effective, you know? A few tests were run and the angled shape works very well.
Even a sports bra flattens chest. In real life. When we talk about metal ( or boiled leather) it all depends on how you want it adjusted.
Do you think roman cuirass, specificaly the muscle cuirass, depicted the fitness of its owner? It was the reflection of an ideal. Same goes for women armor in games.

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