Lets talk about Boobs

I’ve seen a couple posts related to them the last couple days, so I figured I would do a post as well. I know that I am likely in for some trolling and name calling to a certain extent, but I don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I have noticed lately that the breasts in the game really bother me, and this is why: They are lifeless. And it is distracting.

Yes, the lifeless boobs are distracting, and not because they are boobs, but because they lack life. Most things in this game have a lot of qualities that give them life in the physics department. Hair bounces and waves around, skirts flows about ones legs and waste and penises flop about uncontrollably like a tube sock in the wind.

I imagine some of you would say that boobs with some extra physics placed on them would be even more distracting, but I would say that would only be so for the more juvenile players, the ones that technically due to the games rating, shouldn’t be playing anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

To see everything flowing and moving properly about the world, with weight (or lack their of) with momentum and gravity effecting them, than to see breasts unmoving, as if frozen in time, is distracting to me in that it breaks the immersive quality the game can have. The only time they look good I have noticed is when a thrall is unconscious. They appear to droop and have weight to them, a realism that the current apparent patients of plastic surgery appear to have.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, it is not a huge deal at all. Most games have static boobs too. But if your going to add physics to hair clothes AND PENISES you guys might as well do the boobs some justice.


I do believe the phrase “rusty cannons on a sunken gallion.” Apply here.


Wasn’t this changed recently? My clan mate said that they added some boob physics in the “mother of all patches”. I think the boobs on dancers now bounce, though it’s more clearly visible on smaller boobs as ooposed to maxed out ones. We did limited testing, but only have 3 dancers and not a lot of boob variety.

The way I’ve seen it, there’s a lot more bounce to them since the 500 patch :slight_smile: so to my knowledge, you’re correct, though I’m not sure if it’s in the patch notes or anything

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Boob physics are definitely better but thankfully not quite dead or alive level

heh well I’m not going to flame you but I do think there are more important issues with the game that need to be resolved before worrying about breast physics!


Agreed! As I mentioned in my original post, it really isn’t a big deal. Hell, I’m a Ps4 player, we got more and bigger problems than the other platforms I’d imagine! But importance of things can vary from player to player. I’m a offline solo player myself, so small things like this that put my immersion into jeopardy are higher on my priority list than pvp balancing and the like :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad to hear the breasts got some attention in the 500 patch, but being a Ps4 player, it will be some time before I’ll be seeing that. And I am glad to hear that they aren’t at the level of Dead or Alive, the exact opposite end of the boob physics spectrum. As entertaining as it would be, We don’t need them going sideways when a sandstorm rolls through haha

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haha, as a older game i do like this post and agree.

I would suggest, talking form experience :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: That you should add different types of breast also with fitting physics :smirk:

Just a note… just thinking about that some poor animator had to make penis physics is really funny… haha. If you guys add a helicopter emote, I’m going to die of laughter! :rofl:

Different breasts??? Is this secondlife or a survival game? Physics…_never ends soooooo annoying

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haha, just trying to be part of the community :rofl:

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I did notice early on that the breast physics was all but absent.
For realism there would have to be different physics for small breasts vs large breasts, as well as Supported vs unsupported (certain clothes vs naked/unsupportive clothes).
I was laughing because swinging an axe as a naked female character… those things didn’t move at all! And that sort of movement would have had them flopping about, knocking into eachother, etc (depending on how large they are).

I’ve also seen, in other games, the same breast physics applied to all breast sizes. And while they worked great for larger breasts, it looked absolutely absurd on smaller ones.

Just something to consider.

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I went to create a female character and the shape of the boobs make them look like really crappy implants. Almost like they were modelled by someone who had only seen them in anime or something…

So instead I went with a bloke who looks like Asian Jesus…

At least the penis physics are sorted…

Wasnt the modeler/animator female, I remember reading about it.

But certainly the physics are more alive since mother of all patches, when you just create a character and slowly walk by you can notice.

Also keep in mind that if you change character height to anything but default 50% the physics bug out eventually.

Yeah, about that…we (as me and my husband) still have gigglefits every time we remember his character creation - a man on a cross, dying from exhaustion but there it was: a penis dangling and flapping on the wind like a flag.

A++ physics right there :rofl:

And yeah, don’t see anything out of the ordinary in the way breasts work.

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A point to make here about breast animations is that many games feature pre-rendered animations for their breast physics, making the risk of nutty breast physics practically non-existant. That said, I’m sure it takes a while to do, going on my own limited experience with physics engines and animation like the rather rudimentary one in the version of 3ds max I used back in school.

What about a third breast? Hmmmm?

If you look at the breast physics mods on the workshop, you may notice that they all look pretty unrealistic (granted more real than the boob-shaped stones on vanilla) The reason is that with the current physics engine, making them move realistically is extremely difficult. Example: I managed at one point to make my character’s breast physics somewhat realistic with the BBjigglephysics mod but when another player joined my server, their breast physics were completely broken.

As Sky said there are a number of mods for breast physics. I only have one thing to say about them. Boobs DO NOT sway in the wind. ><

Yes, but neither do bodies explode into a fountain of blood and dismembered parts once they’re bonked with a stone club.

The topic is booby physics not asploding bodies. :stuck_out_tongue: That said, I absolutely love it when an NPC gets hacked in half and the lower torso remains standing upright while the head rolls around the upper torso parts scattered all around. :smiley: